How to menzine floor in single car garage ?

kevlight, Feb 18, 7:43am
mezzanine floor in single car garage ? been asked to put a storage unit above the tilta door ,it will only be accessible when the door is shut.
Any ideas on how to make it as simple as possible , i have a 2"x2" steel ,times 4 they are 4 meters each long .from a old steel pallet frame to act as the main support.
. Any ideas on how to make it as simple as possible .
. the tilta door and auto door opener supports are up there in the way too,, so will have to work around them.
. any body have a photo or pictures of one similar ? thanks

geoff_m, Feb 18, 7:00pm
Look up NZS3604 for sizes of timber and allowable spans. 4m is a fair way if you are going to be storing any weight. You may need to add more studs to take the load to the ground down the walls.

mechnificent, Feb 18, 9:02pm
Yup, depends on the span and the weight and how long it's going to be sitting there.

I take it the roof is not trusses, but straight timber from one side to the other, and probably at nine hundred spaces. If you put intermediate timbers across and then covered it with slab, ply or particle board, and nailed it down, it would be plenty strong enough. for anything you can lift up there by hand. A big engine block may cause a bit of sag.

The existing timbers if they are at nine-hundred spacings is probably not quite strong enough for much weight at all.

mechnificent, Feb 18, 9:04pm
What I say there will work for any width roof. Whatever width garage it is it will already presumably have the right sized timber for the span for a roof, but not a floor.

mechnificent, Feb 18, 9:13pm
Depending on the thickness of the wall of those steel squares, I'd imagine that a four by two on edge will be stiffer than them in a long span.

I'd use wood. It's easier to cut, attach, and it's flex will match the existing wood, so all roof beams will take an equal weight.

elect70, Feb 19, 12:01am
If its a versatie or similar garage the roof trusses may be too light to support much I lifted V8engine with a block & tackle &I had to put a 50 x50 box section steel between the trusses even then it was creaking . Perhaps steel runners from the outside walls & platform on top ., wouldnt want it to collapse on top of your precious wheels .

mechnificent, Feb 19, 12:27am
I don't know those garages but. did you attach the chainblock to the peak ?

I've seen people put them on the lower span and. yeah. not strong.

If the shed he's working on has trusses the roof area is going to be a bit cluttered.

Does it have trusses OP ?
And what centre are they ?

If they are trusses, what I said earlier won't be relevent. you will need to either use larger cross beams or make more trusses. If you want it strong.
If strength isn't too critical then you could run a lot of lengthways timbers through the trusses.

kevlight, May 12, 6:51pm
thanks for your reply s i've been away. so may now be able to tackle job this week end .
. its my sisters garage , boxed in, and lined walls ,and roof lined, one of two units with garages made concrete block two garages between the flats .

only really big enough for the car and a little bit of stuff , hence the need for more storage. thanks for suggestion will have a go, and start this week end .

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