Is it an easy DIY job. Rear shocks and springs

nesta129, Jan 17, 8:36am
I once saw a loose top mount on a shock at pikapart and unscrewed it to see how far the spring can decompress. about 10 meters in the air it went.

gmphil, Jan 17, 9:06am
wish I was there to see ur face
bloody pricless thanks for the laugh

express, Jan 15, 8:29pm
For corolla wagon 97 bz.

intrade, Jan 15, 8:39pm
yea na.
the thing is the brake line attach to the shock. and then the springs need a compressor to be changed over.
its not a hard job to do but these 2 things are a problem to solve ,
So how mutch mechanical skills do you have i would charge 1,5h to 2h labour on this for both sides , thats with all required tools

express, Jan 15, 8:58pm
Yea/Na as well. I'm o.k but the spring compressor etc could be a problem.
Pit Stop quoted $771 with each one costing $286 I,m getting other quotes.

mrfxit, Jan 15, 9:01pm
BUY your own set of spring compressors from Supercheap/Repco, a heck of a lot cheaper then getting someone to do them for you

intrade, Jan 15, 9:03pm
i would never ever go to pitstop midas or there likes.
i would get some quote from actuarl shop that specialise in suspension , then go to supersheep auto and see what you can get shocks for diy , remember they have to make money so the shocks you buy from super need to cost about 2 times that plus the labour i quoted .

intrade, Jan 15, 9:08pm
there is a trick with the brake line you cut the tab with a hacksaw so you can insert the brake line without opening the brake system. this can be done but you have to cut the tab on a correct angle on the new shock so the clip reinforces the cut again after install. This hack is a cost cutting trick and i inform clients if they want this done , and if there brake fluid need exchange then i remove the hoses and save them some money by doing the 2 jobs at the same time.

express, Jan 15, 10:52pm
I had some guy say the springs need doing as well because I tow sometimes. A quote of $800 plus. Toyota have done an estimate of $611 but then I'll no doubt get well we have to replace such and such. It will cost another.

franken1, Jan 15, 10:57pm
If you haven't compressed springs before, watch a youtube video first. They'll kill you if you don't know what you're doing.

jason18, Jan 15, 11:04pm
I just had this done. They replaced my ass with new springs and shocks. 575 inc gst. Took them 1hour to change over. Was much easier than me doing it too.

jason18, Jan 15, 11:05pm
Mine was through mag and turbo

intrade, Jan 16, 1:36am
my naigbour has had toyota once fit new springs as it was to low from towing a tiny trailer . it was the same low soon after lol.

pc_uncorrect, Jan 16, 3:06am
I did this last year for my DIL Corolla AE111, Rear Coil Springs. As Intrade has mentioned, the rear-shocks have a steel-tag that holds the brake-line, it's easier to cut the steel tag (cut a corner), and gently bend the tag down, so you can release the brake line (and shim).

If re-using the the 'shock/s'? dont munt the tag (be gentle), because, if it's munted, it's a pain to straigten to re-fit the brake-line and shim (but, can be done with alittle patients)

It's a good idea to crack the 'nuts' (slightly loosen, do not take the nuts off completely!) before jacking up the car.

Spring compressors are self-explanatory (be wise, and be safe), when the new springs are ready to put onto the shocks, ensure to 'orientate the mounting' with the 'installation bolt holes' before tightening.

Ordered heavy-duty coil-springs thru BNT, they got the springs from some spring-manufacturer in Christchurch, cost approx $250 (pair). The new springs were great, more rigid, comfortable ride without feeling sea-sick. Ride height good aswell. The old coil-springs were like rubber, very soft springs, and the car sagged.

xs1100, Jan 16, 8:09am
why wouldn't you just undo the pipes and bleed when reinstalled brake fluid should be replaced every couple years anyway

gunhand, Jan 16, 8:13am
Bah! It will only happen once, and he will learn from it.

mack77, Jan 16, 8:57am
Recently I fitted four new coil springs to my old Honda Odyssey. I choose high rise ones to stop my car running aground all the time and bought Cobra brand directly from Christchurch-much cheaper than going through a retailer or wholesaler. I got excellent service from them and am very pleased. Just google "Cobra Springs".

_peas, Aug 7, 6:50am
I did my Caldina all round. Just removed the caliper from the strut which was then taken away from breakables and car to have the spring done. I have used the cheaper (screw clamp) style compressors on half a dozen cars with no issues. As said be careful when taking the old springs out, never have anything in the "firing line" that you place any value on including your feet! The new lower springs I managed to press the top hat down (compressing the spring) while a mate got the nut started, no need for compressors.

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