Opinions on triumph 660 motor bike

kecal, Jul 23, 7:11am
the lams edition, not the 675.
iam thinking of purchasing one for myself, ive just done 2years on a yamaha virago 250 , and being a bit on the powerless side i thought id step up . just recently got my learners licence. Id like to be able to go for longer rides eg all day not just motor around hawkes bay, never felt like the 250 had any power to go on longer trips.
yes ill take for a test ride along with a yamaha mt-07 my other choice. just after some opinions , thnks

wokatu, Jul 23, 7:14am
A friends got the 660 trumpy. Loves it. Great handling and peppy enuf

bwg11, Jul 23, 7:18am
No contest. Yamaha MT-07 for me every time.

gunhand, Jul 23, 7:22am
Most modern bikes are all very good and reliable these days. Pretty much comes down to personal choice and what you want from it. Test whats in your class and go from there. Find one that fits YOU. When I test bikes, cars or anything for that matter if it does not feel right straight away try another. I'm not one for thinking, "ill get used to it" more likely ill hate it even more.

serf407, Jul 23, 7:22am
How does Triumph 'balance' the 3 cylinder in the 660 vs the parallel twin in the Yamaha mt-07?

Some new vehicles feel terrible to start until the suspension softens a bit with use.

kazbanz, Jul 23, 7:23am
kecal--they are BOTH really nice bikes.Given you have been riding for two years already then any size objections are moot.
My only issue is that both bikes are fairly bum up riding position which is the total opposite to the Yamaha. You might find it hard on the wrists.
Id do a few miles to be sure you are comfortable.

gunhand, Jul 23, 7:28am
I'd look at the FZ 6 R myself, bit more of a all rounder IMO. But again, YOU choose, your coin.

trogedon, Jul 23, 8:39am
I'd go with a 600cc too - less for rego.

berg, Jul 23, 10:32pm
Another to throw in the mix is the Kawasaki ER6 in either naked or Faired (Ninja) form. Fantastic neutral handling mixed with reliability. I had one, Mrs Berg had one and 2 good friends have them. All been totally reliable, good on fuel and fun to ride

kazbanz, Jul 23, 10:36pm
berg--is the er6 lams approved now?

berg, Jul 24, 12:44am
Yes mate, there is a LAMs or non LAMs version. Two friends with Ninjas have 1 LAMs and 1 full cream versions. Also looked at a new LAMs naked ER6-n at the gym the other night

rob_man, Jul 24, 12:50am
Bikes are working out now? They've come a long way from my old 3TA.
And you should wear clothes at the gym.

tamarillo, Jul 24, 3:15am
Both great bikes, whichever feels best to you is best. I love my triumph triple and it's proving extremely reliable. If you like extravagance look at ktm 390 is proving itself to people who had bigger bikes and singles have great character.
There isn't a bad bike from the main players so buy what you fall in love with. And a good advanced rider on a 390 can leave an less experienced rider on a big bike (keeping within speed limits of course). So train train train.

trogedon, Jul 24, 3:49am
You gave words to my thoughts.

berg, Jul 24, 8:54am
Lol, dude, if I went to the gym naked all the other users would get plenty of exercise running away! One of the guys at the gym has just got his LAMs approved ER6n in green and black.

kazbanz, Jul 24, 8:39pm
actually the whole post has me worried. he's talking first about full cream then being at the gym naked with someone elses "bikes"
n Berg I never thought of you as that sorta fella.

berg, Jan 3, 5:28pm
Lol, Go sell a car ya cheeky bugger.

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