2015/2016 RHD Mustang

gumboot999, May 1, 8:33am
above coming our way late this year, factory produced RHD, 5L V8 selling for around $72k new, apparently there about 250 firm orders already placed with delivery early 2016. anyone out there contemplating buying ?. keen to hear thoughts/ views from any muzzie fans, thanks,

tgray, May 1, 8:47am
I used to be a Ford fan and many years ago I truly loved my 1971 Mustang fastback in cherry red.
Sadly, I can't get excited about the new one. The proportions (especially the back) just don't seem quite right to me.
I prefer the Camaro's, despite the shape being in it's 6th year of production and a new one coming out next year. Big unveiling next month in the USA. Can't wait.

lookoutas, May 1, 9:03am
American jazz

robotnik, May 1, 9:16am
The Ecoboost 2.3L is only $57K. That should sell pretty well.

mike1345, May 1, 8:34pm
I'd rather have an original.

pandai, May 1, 10:29pm
I like the look of the Ecoboost car. Don't really care that it's not a 'real' Mustang. It's reviewing well, and because it's lighter over the front wheels, it handles well.

111% more torque and 59% more power than a GT86. Some food for thought there.

gumboot999, May 2, 12:59am
the mere thought of a Mustang with a 2.3 motor makes me feel faint. might go for a lie down.

robotnik, May 2, 1:54am
It has a powerful 227kW turbo motor. And as we know the stereo makes the motor sound gruntier. It should be fine. Too bad you cant modify the software to make it sould like a rotary, Packard Merlin or whatever.

grim4, May 3, 5:57am
2 so far, the other 248 are V8's with another batch of 50 due next year.

tgray, Feb 15, 7:09am
Where is this info coming from?

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