Smaller steering wheel for van?

ambo11, Oct 6, 6:47am
Searched round on the net but didn't find anything, my 96 Nissan Vanette has a huge steering wheel, would like to fit a smaller diameter wheel. Anyone done this, and know of a particular wheel that fits? Pretty sure it will be the same as Econovan and Bongo, same body/mechanicals etc. Cheers all.

intrade, Oct 6, 6:53am
do you have power steering?
i remember the steering wheel on my first car no ps it was like one from a lorry lol and was like the titanic to navigate.

2sheddies, Oct 6, 6:55am
At the risk of feeling like a young hoon, the easiest solution would be to get a Nissan boss kit, and then you can fit a smaller diameter aftermarket sports style wheel of your choosing.

ambo11, Oct 6, 6:57am
Nah don't think it has power steering, but steering is light enough though. The current wheel rubs on legs etc and would be much more comfy if smaller. was hoping a small jap car wheel with smaller diameter would have the same spline etc and fit.

ambo11, Oct 6, 6:58am
Thanks 2sheddies, was looking at this option. but at the risk of sounding like an idiot, I wouldn't have the first clue about how to fit them etc. lol. a different wheel which slides straight on would be easier. I could muck around with horn wiring etc.

tamarillo, Oct 6, 7:06am
Hasn't it got an airbag in it? If it has you mustn't remove it.

ambo11, Oct 6, 7:12am
lol. no no airbag. she's a basic old beast.

2sheddies, Oct 6, 7:22am
No worries ambo mate. you always sound intelligent to me! It's been a while since I last fitted one, but they're fairly simple to do. The boss just goes on the splines, then the wheel attaches to the boss, usually with about half a dozen Allen bolts. The horns in mine were always just the one hot wire that fits to the boss with a spade fitting. An auto sparky could do the horn in a few minutes for you, if you'd prefer not to mess with it.

ambo11, Oct 6, 7:29am
Sweet thanks, might be the way to go. Wheels seem to be 330 or 350mm diameter, will have to measure mine when the van gets back. feels like a ships wheel lol. just watched a video on fitting a boss and wheel. yeah I could manage that job easily enough. Hard part will be finding a boss to suit. I'm hoping its the same spline as the Bongo and Econovan. same vans apart from badges and lights etc. Cheers

2sheddies, Oct 6, 7:33am
It might even be the same as a Nissan car spline, so hopefully you won't have too much trouble.

One other thing is, you might need a wheel puller if it's never been off before. Though I've always managed to get the old one off using gentle persuasion.

whqqsh, Oct 6, 8:13am
just be wary of the wheel design, my Telstar ute factory steering wheel was disintegrating so wanted to fit something a bit smaller but keeping with the era. A nice black deep dish SAAS (sort of like the old Wildcat ones) came up cheap. Fitted easily with the right boss kit but first drive was 'bugger, can't just stick finger out to activate indicators or wipers with hands on the wheel'. The dish was that deep the it moved the wheel too far away from the stalks. Gotten used to it now but took a while

henderson_guy, Oct 6, 8:20am
Of course, if it's tight, you want to leave the nut on a few threads first, otherwise you're likely to end up with a steering wheel embedded in your face!

bumfacingdown, Oct 6, 8:34am
And I have seen the reverse where fingers accidentally turn on wipers etc cause the dish is not deep enough for the vehicle

2sheddies, Mar 17, 8:06am
That's very true! Now 2 other good tips I remember, learnt from experience, is don't get one with shiny spokes. Better to go for the brushed look, or black. The chrome ones can reflect the sunlight back into your eyes quite severely. Especially bad when the sun is lower in the late arvo. One day it was so bad I couldn't keep driving. can't remember what I did now. either put a towel over the spokes or wrapped black electrical tape that I had in the toolbox around them, to get me home lol!

And wood rim ones are bad, especially in the heat. Your hands get sweaty and slip off the wheel as you're making a turn. Best to go with the grippy leather type.

Hope that helps!

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