What to ask for at the garage

tomthumb933, Feb 14, 6:59am
May I please have some advice as to what to ask for when taking the car to the garage. I basically want it looked over and any adjustments etc made to help it run as well as it can. My partner refers to this as a tune up but hes not mechanical either so I am wondering if I need to be more specific, or if I actually mean something entirely different.

mechnificent, Feb 14, 7:12am
Yes a tune up, and you could mention any specific problems you think it has. They will probably check the hoses and belts and if you ask they will check the oils and fluids. If you ask for a tune and under bonnet general check over they will know what to do. Talk to them.

franc123, Feb 14, 7:30am
What is the vehicle first?

gusthe1, Feb 14, 7:50am
Tell them that you "basically want it looked over and any adjustments etc made to help it run as well as it can"

mechnificent, Feb 14, 8:00am
Is there some problem with it ? High fuel consumption, down on power, hard to start hot or cold or after sitting for a few days. Anything you have noticed.

gunhand, Feb 14, 8:05am
I'd be careful for what I ask for. Unwittingly it could run into mega bucks. There's lots of things things they could replace adjust and so on the instruction of making it run right and do adjustments. They could do all fluids, 7 I can think of at least. Plugs at 30 40 bucks each and so on.
I'd look at the schedule for that vehicle as an idea of whats needs doin.
Remember some garages charge up to and beyond $100 an hour. You wouldn't want them spending all day doin stuff if it really wasn't needed.
Maintenance is a good idea of course and something many neglect.

intrade, Feb 14, 9:08am
depends a lot on the vehicle tune up comes from the 1960s from adjusting the spark and points refered to a tune up with new plugs and what ever else.
On a 2015 car there is no such thing what its called is a health check with a oem level diagnostic tool and correct servicing acording to manufacturer shedule.
So yea what car what year what engine what transmission?

tamarillo, Feb 15, 12:20am
Service and tune and report any problems.

That would do it.

If it's a popular standard vehicle places like aa and pit stop do fixed price serving and tunes and you can pick which level you want. That way you know what you're getting and know price. Of course if they find anything needs attending other than service items they will need to charge but they'll need to ring you first.

msigg, Feb 15, 12:31am
Yes Intrade and others are correct, fluids, air filters , coolant , belts, brakes , Plugs probably not, most cars from the last 20 years will do 200k and more on a set of plugs,

mugenb20b, Feb 15, 12:56am
No they won't.

strobo, Feb 16, 7:53am
Just ask them to look it over for a general check over first and note any thing "specific" that may need doing whether it is preventative or an overdue lube service/cambelt or low brake pads/crack in a headlight unit etc and have them contact you further re prices/time factor/ and priority jobs if any at all need doing .Tell them also if you or your partner know of any problems with the car as well.This is important too.
You decide then what you want done and either give a go ahead or get another quote estimate from an other workshop if you please.
Avoid the smorgesboard type menu's offering this & that and the other stuff that dosn't nessessarily need doing.So basically ask for a brief mechanical report 1/2 an hour labour to do this visual inspection is sufficient & no need to apply diagnostic tools for this either unless there is a good cause to do so.
Choose the service centre you go to carefully!

ml6989, Feb 16, 10:02am
They might but there will probably only be one left that is actually firing at that distance!

intrade, Jun 14, 3:46pm
sparkplugs modern cars often use long live plugs they should be changed at 100,000km
i fitted ngk irridium to a older nissan knowing they wont be back for plugs after 25000km , I then was called to a nostart the ignition coil was dead , and the plugs i have fitted had 135000km on them
i did say we need new plugs as most likely the plugs nuked the coil or it was old age of the coil , it now has the cheap plugs with new coil and set of new wires .

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