Telstar wheel bearing replacement?

tigertim20, Jan 19, 2:50am
1994 Ford Telstar - just failed on wheel bearings left and right rear.

Told at supplier its the whole hub assembly to replace, is that right? cannot just do the bearing itself, or it is the whole assembly?

want to know for sure before I pull my only current transport apart

mrfxit, Jan 19, 2:55am
What is the problem with the bearings.
Are they simply a little loose or noisy

tigertim20, Jan 19, 3:03am
noisy according to the wof man

tigertim20, Jan 19, 4:20am
nobody has done one of these?

Trying to work out if its worth fixing at all.
apparently the whole assembly as about $150 a side. Car just failed WOF on it. car probably only worth $1500 with wof and reg.

mrfxit, Jan 19, 4:42am
Pity they are noisy.
When you know what you are doing, you can often tighten them up that fraction & they will be fine for many years more.

*Waits for the flaming*

mrfxit, Jan 19, 4:48am
Find your chassis & engine numbers 1st (failing that, the parts guy will get them via your rego number & YOU write them down)

Your local Ford franchise for the correct part numbers & a serious dent to your wallets ego.

Take those part numbers info to Supercheap /Repco/ BNT/ Apco/ Partmaster & try your luck.

Then try the local wreckers

intrade, Jan 19, 4:53am
try vtnz they probably pass it for you

mrfxit, Jan 19, 4:55am
LOL, blimin might too

panicky, Jan 19, 4:57am
there is an overlap in models. In NZ the 12v Telstar (GD Mazda) ran right up to 1996 in sedan (Orion) and wagon variants. Then there are the FS, FP 16V DOHC & V6 versions which started in 1992 (GE Mazda). And thats not forgetting the CG variant. First you really need to know which you have.

twincam1, Jan 19, 5:50am
Telstar bearings have to be pushed out and in with press, at least front have to be. Back would be same I suppose. Fronts are about $130 each side including bearing.

twincam1, Aug 3, 3:53pm
Cannot tighten them.

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