Getting mags on Suzuki Swift.

aoc1, Apr 28, 8:39am
Hi Guys, I have new tyres on my car and want to get mags, can I use the new tyres on a set of mags and does anyone know the approx cost of changing them over? The mags are around $500. Thanks :)

thunderbolt, Apr 28, 8:49am
I purchased a set from Mag & Turbo for a 2010 swift. Used tyres already on the car.
Mags all fitted and balanced $600 all up

aoc1, Apr 28, 8:57am

skull, Apr 28, 9:04am
You will be able to use your tyres on the 15" mags so long as your tyres are also 15" and the mag width is within the specifications required by your tyres.

aoc1, Feb 21, 3:52pm
my car tyres are 175/65/R15 have settled on this mag so am hoping they fit.

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