2006-2011 Honda Civic stereo question

rbd, Jan 20, 6:25am
I'm looking to buy a Honda Civic sedan to replace the long suffering 1992 Civic Si. At 220000 kms it is still going strong but the clock is ticking on it and time for something newer.

Am considering a 2006-2010 Civic sedan. Any major issues?

I see there are a number of factory stereo layouts. An integrated stereo arrangement (common on NZ new) or a double din layout, some with Japanese GPS built in (dead here of course) and steering wheel controls.

Now the integrated unit I guess you are stuck with, appears NZ new ones had an AUX in which I assume is a normal 3.5mm stereo plug. I'm guessing that there is probably no upgrade path for these (USB or iPod).

The Jap optional double din I guess is easily replaced with a stereo of our choice. I'd be thinking of a simple to use high quality stereo with built in bluetooth phone and streaming music. However, is there any way to maintain working steering wheel controls?

kazbanz, Jul 31, 12:51pm
rbd- short answer to your question--maybe. There is a box you can fit to reinstate wheel controls but Ive never done it to a Honda civic.
Incidently I have fitted a single din with a pocket into a 2010 civic and it was a reasonable straightforward install

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