Can you put power steering into a 1988 honda civic

blayke-m, May 19, 9:13pm
can you put a power steering set up from a more modern civic in a 1988 honda civic that doesnt have power steering!

ct9a, May 19, 9:31pm
yes ef7,ef9 will swap in,colom,rack.inner rack ends,tie rods

_peas, May 20, 7:56am
Or buy one with PS.

grangies, May 20, 8:23am
Goodness Gracious me.

jason18, May 20, 9:01am
Why tho. Just grow some muscle ;)

mugenb20b, May 20, 9:15am
Exactly, the steering in '88 Civics isn't heavy at all, provided tyre pressures are correct.

hijacka, May 20, 9:34am
This may come as a surprise to most, but a DA integra subframe steering rack,lines,pump etc will bolt straight up to a ef, just find One with the same series engine in your case D/ZC and theres plenty more DA integras than civics to pick fromi rekon. But on another note i would think a non powersteer civic would be more sort after than one with powersteering, because it would be more economical.

johnf_456, May 20, 9:35am
Heck if you think a civic is hard, try driving much older and much larger vehicles. Grow some muscles, right on mugen20b and jason18.

blayke-m, May 20, 10:41am
i was only inquiring on behalf of my elderly grandmother who has a 1988 honda civic and is struggling to drive it but does not want to part with it so i was going to put a power steering set up in for her so she doesnt have to part with her car.

NZTools, May 20, 10:48am
Once it is converted, it will require certification. ($400 ish)

sr2, May 20, 10:51am
I hear where you're coming from, I helped fitpower steering to a mates elderly Mums Falcon some years back, wasn??

a18a, May 20, 10:59am
you could probably find someone without much effort who wants a manual steering rack and tell them they can have it if they convert your car to power steering

mrfxit, May 20, 8:48pm
DING .^ ^

ct9a, May 20, 8:55pm
if all swapped and OE who will ever even know!

mrfxit, May 20, 8:59pm
Insurence could be the only hassle, but if done really well with NO SIGN of the alteration, TOTAL factory bolt in job with NO fabrication of any sort & working correctly. then yea why not.

desmodave, May 20, 9:23pm
Good on ya for looking after your Grandmother.

shuddupowh, May 20, 10:26pm
Since when. If you modify a car in this way without increasing power (eg no turbo) and no structural changes then there is no need. Just like doing a manual conversion to an auto - no cert required if no cutting etc is done. Use all OE parts and your fine.

mugenb20b, May 21, 12:23am
Get her a new car with p/s and auto trans.

vtecintegra, May 21, 12:31am
You could try posting this on the forums and see if anyone would like to swap.

Manual racks are always in demand, however most people doing to power-manual conversion are looking for the manual EF9 rack as it has a faster ratio.Still worth a try though.

blayke-m, May 21, 8:01am
thanks for the advise we ended up getting her a 1995 ford telstar with power steering and an auto trans it worked out cheaper then doing the mods

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