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romajeto, May 5, 7:53am
Tank of gas?

cagivachick1, May 5, 8:05am
how far is it? most modern diesel utes will get 600 to 800 ks to a tank

melonhead1, May 5, 8:11am
A TB48 powered Nissan Patrol might, if you drive like an old lady.

phalanax, May 5, 8:11am
Dual fuellers. lol

romajeto, May 5, 8:17am
Did it in my new Dmax. and quite a bit left. impressed

romajeto, May 5, 8:20am
10 hours. 809 km. range showing 120km to empty. Auto 4wd

m16d, May 5, 8:23am
Errr I know someone with a V8 landcruiser with 180 litre tank.

xs1100, May 5, 9:21am
ford ranger

brapbrap8, May 5, 10:06am
I would be disapointed in any new ute that wouldn't do that range easily enough.

davidmoore, May 5, 2:29pm
Ranger 8.8 litres/100km

grangies, May 5, 5:28pm
Were you down in Welly to say gidday to Winnie?

richardmayes, May 6, 1:04am
If I were a farmer in Dargaville, Wellington's the ONLY place I'd go for a bale of hay.

romajeto, May 6, 7:12am
Not specifically haha. But i did

3tomany, May 7, 7:23am
About time you shouted yourself a new ute but Vicki still thinks you should of got a ranger

mkhayes, May 7, 7:37am
Drove griffos d-max Very nice. Drove my brothers new ranger (with a remap) did not like it at all. Good choice.

cagivachick1, May 7, 7:56am
was the ranger a manual?

3tomany, May 7, 8:10am
We have a manual and now also an auto ranger the auto is miles better than the manual but I love driving either

3tomany, May 7, 8:11am
what is a remap mike

wind.turbine, May 7, 8:15am
remap is exactly that, you pay 1k + to get the ECU completely remapped to increase power and fuel economy.

its on my to do list one day

3tomany, May 7, 8:19am
cant imagine a big difference to ranger from a remap? want some fun just turn the traction control and esp off the power is now available to your right foot

mkhayes, May 7, 8:50am
The remap was done with the intention of improving the torque in the lower revs. The ranger has lots of power without a doubt but its not delivered in a work vehicle/tow vehicle manner. The owner said that it was an improvement but not ideal. The truck is a manual. In 2 wheel drive on a bone dry paddock it was riddiculous. No limited slip diff? My old nissan would walk all over it offroad. And for such a barge of a vehicle where is the interior space. Claustraphobic. Ok they look smart but for this to be NZ,s top selling ute - I expected more. I want a d-max.

3tomany, May 7, 9:11am
D-max is smaller lots less power and ranger has electronic diff locks so you just got to learn how to drive it. Still D-max is the next best thing to ranger.

3tomany, May 7, 9:31am
A bit of reading http://www.motoring.com.au/reviews/2014/comparison/isuzu/d-max/isuzu-d-max-4wd-dual-cab-ute-comparison-2014-45219 a bit more http://www.themotorreport.com.au/60644/the-top-5-utes-and-pickups-for-2015-ranger-bt-50-d-max-hilux-amarok Forgot to say a good party trick with ranger is go to a steep hill dial in hill descent, chuck it in neutral with several passengers then jump out run to the bottom of the hill and piss yourself laughing before getting back in to take control

mkhayes, May 7, 9:37am
Still dont like it

3tomany, May 7, 9:48am
Didnt think I would convince you lol everyone has different taste in cars, That has to be a good thing

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