Kids Chinese 4x4 bike serviced in Palm Nth?

macac, Nov 2, 7:38am
We have had a 49 cc kid 4 wheeled motor bike that we want to get a tune up. Don't want to get into a chinese bike = rubish conversation.Please
Just think it's really mean/strange that no one will service it. Rang everyoneone in phone book.We have had it for 5 years with no probs.Its been great with a remote to cut out the bike up to about 700m away.And start it again from there as well.
Any one know of anyone in the Palmerston North area that can service these bikes.Orion brand!

Cheers Macac

danni_2254, Nov 2, 7:42am
The reason nobody wants to service them is because if they break again (likely scenerio) then the mechanic will have to fix it again. Best option is to ask a mechanically minded friend or perhaps an automotive engineering student!

macac, Nov 2, 7:44am
When we brought it Orion had a show room and they were selling truck loads.

m16d, Nov 2, 8:13am
Chinese rubbishyou've had 5 years out of it, chuck it away and get a new one.

chooken1, Nov 2, 8:36am
Maybe Manawatu Motorcycles or Total Motorcycles

macac, Nov 2, 9:44am
Cheers will give them a try :)

casper35, Nov 2, 5:53pm
We have had ours for 5 yrs and never had a problem with it its a 150cc and my boys give it hell as teen do.Awesome quad.

kazbanz, Nov 2, 7:17pm
macac -Dealing here with PERSONAL experience with quads and scooters out of china. In my experience the issue is that EVERYTHING is so are fragile from a mechanics point of view.
The wiring is barely more than telephone wire and the plastics are made of a ridgid material JUST thick enough to do the job. What it causes is the situation where you for example take the quad to pieces to service it and end up spending twice as longrepairing the broken bits.
This isn't intended as negativity it's just to explain what really DOES happen.
Now your 50cc quad as far as servicing is concerned IS a Honda 50.
There is actually very little to do.
Setting tappets takes 5 minutes ONCE THE PLASTICS ARE OFF.
Oil change is very easy -no filter just an oil strainer.
Air filter is foam so a clean out and a reoil
and you'll need to go to a bike shop and get a cross reference to the plug.-I think they are something like a NGK BPR7 but DON'T quote me.
As far as a PLACE is concerned I'd suggestthat YOU remove all the plastics yourself.and take it to a lawnmower crowd for a service

sifty, Nov 2, 7:25pm
^^^ once again kaz provides very helpful advice.

macac, Nov 3, 9:30am
Thanks for your time and thoughts:)