Anyone wrecking an 01 hilux 4x4

spoutman, Nov 26, 3:46am
looking for a part that sits on the back of the gear box to collect vibrations Think called( reducer) cant find one anywhere

mrfxit, Nov 26, 4:46am
Ex wife!
Got 1 spare down south!

steve312, Nov 27, 2:13am
There is a specialist Hilux wrecker in Rangiora, Christchurch.Probably aren't allowed to list their name on here but they are almost guaranteed to be able to supply what you need.Great guys to deal with.A Google search will provide their contact details.

tnt423, Nov 27, 2:23am
I don't think it will matter, Line Side is who the above poster is talking about

motorway, Nov 27, 2:30am
The hangy downy wobbly bit you mean!

ralphdog1, Nov 27, 4:36am
Once it has collected all the vibrations what does it do with them!

tim41, Nov 27, 9:53am
sprinkles them on the road

intrade, Apr 12, 11:41am
it drops off and dies what else.