What is the cause of a Steering Wheel vibrating

intrade, Jan 17, 6:55am
that was what i had in mind also----

jessie981, Jan 17, 5:27am
while idling please?

franc123, Jan 17, 5:34am
Just the steering wheel or is it the whole car? And what car?

msigg, Jan 17, 5:41am
It's from the engine transmitted though the mechanical part to the steering wheel, if you rev the car it should smooth out.

intrade, Jan 17, 5:45am
should be more then just the steering wheel shaking if it was what i think off. What car is this year make model engine?

jessie981, Jan 17, 6:09am
Just steering wheel , Toyota Starlet Glanza 1996, 1300

skull, Jan 17, 6:20am
It may be idling a few rpm too slow maybe?

jessie981, Jan 17, 6:23am
Thanks, long as it's nothing too drastic!

tmenz, Jan 17, 6:27am
Have you got Parkinson's?

franc123, Aug 7, 5:40pm
If the idle speed is fine it could be a case of age hardened, broken or loose engine mount or mounts. Does the vibration change when selecting R or D (I'm presuming auto)?

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