Rats damage in motor

zak410, Aug 5, 4:53am
Many plastic bits chewed-up, car in carport.

Would full car insurance cover it?

tamarillo, Aug 5, 5:13am
Have you asked them?

zak410, Aug 5, 5:35am
No, it's not my car, I'm curious so asked here, OK, as someone may know?

pdc1, Aug 5, 10:18am
They will probably say that you have to make a separate claim for each bite.

howz_that, Aug 5, 10:23am
Most insurance companys would cover it

mardyyy, Aug 5, 7:23pm
Stop giving them ideas.

zak410, Aug 5, 9:00pm
It's quite upsetting as is (was) a very tidy Subaru B4 so we only see damage that is obvious on top of engine, who knows what else is chewed-up!
They have rat trap with meat in it at night and rat poison in there!

melonhead1, Aug 5, 10:13pm
Plastic is nutritious.

brapbrap8, Aug 5, 11:18pm
Could easily be a write off.
Someone I know had rats do the same to their car while they were overseas and it was over $10k to fix.

pfemstn, Aug 6, 7:58am
had a v12 jag with rat damage, insurance sorted it ,and it was expensive!

zak410, Aug 7, 5:19am
Thanks all for your feedback, a whole block of rat-poison has been eaten, hopefully the b@$%@d is gone!

kazbanz, Aug 7, 5:28am
Damage is damage in my view. Mind you bite marks from Winston peters might have value in a few years time

ambo11, Aug 7, 10:56am
Yeah but there will be one doing the eating, and 10 others rooting under the back seat of the Sub. best be puttin' more bait out

trade4us2, Aug 8, 2:27am
Put a saucer of water near the car so the rat doesn't chew pipes to get water.

theo35, Aug 8, 4:40am
I hope I've got this wrong; someone put rat bait in/on a car and now they want insurance to pay for rat damage?!

Farout, if that's true, then I can't understand the intelligence of some.

zak410, Aug 8, 5:37am
Yes the plastic bits of the motor were being eaten up, including hole in the coolant expansion bottle, back of lights etc.
AFTER that was noticed, a rat trap and poison were put in to try to fix the problem. is that how you understood it?

theo35, Aug 8, 8:59pm
Oh good stuff :) i'm glad to say that's not how I understood it. Cheers for clarification and restoring faith in human brains.

exwesty, Aug 8, 11:58pm
Well it's better than trying to claim for pellet damage after shooting at a rat in the engine bay with a loaded shotgun.

grangies, Oct 30, 4:12pm
Insurance should certainly cover it. It's no different really to a vandalism claim.

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