Strange motor sport crash

differentthings, Sep 29, 1:19am

bill-robinson, Sep 29, 1:36am
yeah, but who won

purple666, Sep 29, 1:45am
Well we can see who came out on top.

elect70, Sep 29, 2:22am
Lucky they wernt single seaters .

tub4, Sep 29, 6:00am
The guy in the Porsche

dave653, Oct 1, 10:34pm
Hmmm, 6 leged dog comes to mind.

trogedon, Oct 1, 10:46pm

rsr72, Oct 1, 11:32pm
Did it mount from the front or from the rear?

dave653, Oct 2, 1:13am
What year? must be '69!

tigra, Oct 2, 1:32am
Strangely enuff it was 2015 (ignoring the obvious )

sr2, Apr 6, 5:02pm
An attempt to breed GT3's in captivity?

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