Daihatsu Charade overdrive switch

807, May 4, 4:31am
1993 Charade auto.The overdrive is on when ignition is on. You have to switch it off to drive without it. This seems to me to be back to front : i.e. in any other auto I have had with o'drive, the opposite was the case . ignition on , overdrive is off. Crossed wires or something, or is it normal for Daihatsu ? Someone here will know.

vtecintegra, May 4, 4:44am
Normal - you're supposed to leave it on unless there is a reason to switch it off

msigg, May 4, 5:31am
Most Jap auto's it is whatever you leave it on. off or on.

807, Feb 14, 8:58am
we also have a Toyota Corolla fxgt ( same year, 1993 ), auto, which has the opposite o/d from the Daihatsu, i.e. ignition on, o/d off. so . ?