Something a bit different. Honda motor in a Mini

poppajn, Jan 4, 10:39am
Chap here doe's them beautifully, tilt front, road car's

ignition328, Jan 4, 12:20pm
The axles are towards the rear of the motor, the H22 is also an all alloy block so the weight is probably pretty good.

tony9, Jan 4, 8:36pm
Not an uncommon conversion. Subframes to suit are available off the shelf.

Real fun happens with one at each end.

apollo11, Jan 5, 7:32am
What about a big bike motor? Something like a kawasaki 1400 or a Hayabusa? Then your weight would probably go down.

brapbrap8, Jan 7, 6:32am
A chap in Auckland has one with a K24 and 4wd running gear from a CRV in his. 2.4L VTEC 4wd mini goes pretty quick.

tony9, Jan 7, 7:04am
Or you can put a BMW K1 head on the A-Series engine.

And put one of those at each end of a mini.

richardmayes, Mar 13, 6:15pm
You can buy a subframe to fit a Honda B series in the front (where the engine belongs) off the shelf in the US. Apparently it's a slightly easier fit in a Clubman than in a round nose Mini.

IIRC Mendoza motorsport in Upper Hutt were making similar that were able to be complied here. ?

I saw one of these cars complete at a British Classics show. with a DOHC VTEC b series engine there's not much room left in the engine bay for anything else!

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