Caldina twin electrode spark plugs

ntm4, Mar 21, 12:58am
Hello. Bought a 96 Caldina a few weeks ago, I couldn't find when the spark plugs were last changed so thought that could keep me entertained for about 10 minutes. Removed a plug and found they had 2 grounding electrodes (NGK BKR6EKB-11). Is it worth replacing them with twin electrode plugs? Or is there a single electrode equivalent? From what I'v researched the only advantage twin electrode plugs have are longevity. Any recommendations would be great. TIA

robotnik, Mar 21, 1:28am
I believe the tuners recommend you replace those with hotter range BKR5EIX-11 Iridium (single electrode) plugs to increase performance under boost. Assuming you have the turbo model.

tony9, Mar 21, 2:20am
I would have expected a colder range to improve performance under boost. That would reduce the possibility of detonation.

ntm4, Mar 21, 2:52am
Sorry it is the non-turbo model. Current eyeing up BKR6EIX-11 plugs, 1 heat range cooler than the plugs robotnik recommended, Sound about right?

tsjcf, Mar 21, 3:30am
If its the 1.8 motor i used Denso # 5303 IRIDIUM Power Spark Plugs IK16 in our 2000 Caldina. Amazon was the cheapest at the time.

snoopy221, Mar 21, 4:27am

mrfxit, Mar 21, 8:47pm
Pro's & con's of multi point (electrode/earth) plugs verses single point plugs

Multi point Pro's
Work better under high loads & revs (minimal misfires)
Last longer under high stress
Need high energy ign coils & can cause rough idles
Dearer then std plugs & slightly harder to find

Single point Pro's:
Smooth idles over most std rev ranges
Std ign coils
Cheaper plugs & easy to find

Shorter life under high stress
Modest misfires under high stress & rev's

Summery for this . >>

If you are regularly running very high revs & or under very high loadings (very heavy trailers etc), then multi point plugs are best.

If you are randomly running modest to low revs & or only driving the vehicle unloaded, then single point plugs will be fine.

mrfxit, Mar 21, 8:51pm
Changed plugs in several different vehicles in recent years that had multi point plugs to single point plugs because they previously had undiagnosable idle problems.
Single point plugs fixed it where changing everything else wouldn't.

The long service life of the engines may have been a factor but unproven

franc123, Mar 21, 9:12pm
+1, I think even if it was non turbo you would still look at the iridium option especially if looking to keep the car for several years, vehicle manufacturers wouldn't be fitting them to new cars for no reason. These can always be sourced offshore if you get quoted silly prices locally.

floscey, Mar 21, 11:50pm
get the K20TR11 denso twin point originals .You can pick them up cheap if you shop around.

ntm4, Apr 19, 12:52pm
Went for NGK BKR6EIX-11's. Used the NGK cross reference guide and asked a dealer too. These plugs have the same heat factor as well and got them for a good price. I generally don't rev too hard or carry loads, I'll see how the performance is after they are installed, replacing leads too as I have no record of them being changed either.

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