Importing motor from japan

kungfu3, Mar 18, 7:32am
Hi would like to import a mitishubi legnum VR4 motor from Japan. Am I best to use a company in New Zealand or get one of the net? Cheers

rctr, Mar 18, 7:38am
Why you importing? If you have a motor that is stuffed may work out cheaper to rebuild that motor than have 1 imported from Japan. Also have you spoken to local wreckers and dealer about having it put on parts trader.

franc123, Mar 18, 8:48am
I don't think those engines are quite on the endangered species list yet, Legnums are being put off the road and through the wreckers and scrappys in reasonable numbers still, there will be one locally worth buying.

kungfu3, Apr 25, 11:19am
Sadly havnt been able to find a 2001 engine. Would like one that has lower kms than mine and hasn't been thrashed. Really hard to find one in nz

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