Nissan Bluebird doesn't want to reverse.

hezwez, Jun 22, 6:59am
Unless it has a lot of revs. I feel like a boy racer. What's wrong? It's an automatic, please help O Wise Ones? TIA

buyit59, Jun 22, 7:16am
Move into a Cul-d-sac ! . Had a similar thing happen in a Camry ( drove to work fine but could only get up to third on way home ) and it was g/box failure sorry to say. Prepare for the worst I am afraid.

gmphil, Jun 22, 7:21am
sound like a clutch plate BUT
please supply year model trans code if can !

jmma, Jun 22, 7:27am
Have you checked the oil level in the transmission?

inkapuka, Jun 22, 7:38am

hezwez, Jun 22, 9:36am
Thanks all of you. It's a 1998. I'll give my trusty mechanic a call. Sounds expensive then?

buyit59, Jun 22, 9:50am
Is it a 4 speed auto or the CVT type ?

hezwez, Jun 22, 10:53am
Sorry to be dense buyit59 but how can I tell? There's no clue on the registration. It's an 1830cc

kazbanz, Jun 22, 8:47pm
Hezwez-Beeing a 1998 Nissan Bluebird 1800cc it will have a four stage normal automatic gearbox.
Before going anywhere I would just check your transmission oil level

intrade, Jun 22, 9:16pm
trans fluid is mesured with engine running. unlike the engine oil and its color is nice red wine red if its black its burned and needs a service soonest
this is for this old nissan. it be dextron 3 fluids

hezwez, Jun 23, 12:24am
Thank you both kazbanz and intrade. Will do.

buyit59, Jun 23, 2:59am
Sorry Hezwez. I left the mb . Think you will find the 4 speed auto cheaper to repair than the CVT type . Good luck and let us know how you get on.

marte, May 9, 5:34pm
Theres a clutch in automatics that can stop the car from going in reverse if its worn.

My toyota vista will not work in reverse, it feels like its in forward and reverse at the same time, just locks uo, cannot be pushed either.
Also, it still goes forward in neutral. But not properly.
Also, feels like when a manual gbox with the clutch slippng.
Won't change up correctly under power.
I put some 500mls fluid in it, helped a bit, maybe put the rest in as it was slightly low before adding the fluid.

But, that and other stuff, will scrap it fir $250 - 300.
Paid $300 for it.
Its got a foot operated handbrake.
And two effin great flat spots on the rear tyres.

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