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kiwisteven, Dec 3, 8:53pm
This might seem a weird question but it has me flummoxed. I have one of these and it is a great car. However I can't find out how to open the bonet or hood. Can anybody tell me the answer as I've searched the internet without an answer.

jmma, Dec 3, 8:59pm
This may seem like a weird question also, How long have you had the car.
Someone will be along soon to answer your question.

kiwisteven, Dec 3, 9:02pm
I have had the car for 4 years and get it serviced regularly but have been too ashamed to ask any of my friends, It has a single key.

monaro17, Dec 3, 9:04pm
Just had a wee look at examples listed on trademe. For that model the boot release looks to be on the floor beside the fuel door release (if not there it could be on the door under the arm rest or on the dash above the driver’s knee)

The bonnet release will surely be in the usual spot, it may be coloured the same as the dash and maybe situated a little further under the dash than expected

kiwisteven, Dec 3, 9:04pm
The boot release is not a problem. I use it all the time.

monaro17, Dec 3, 9:08pm
Sorry I misread the hood- to read boot. Don’t ask me why. lol

Check the bonnet release again. It will almost certainly be in the typical spot. Just may be colour coded or tucked up out of sight

kiwisteven, Dec 3, 9:16pm
I've been out playing around again and there is the Accelerator, the brake and the foot brake pedals in front of the drivers seat and that seems to be all. Mind you it is dark now outsides.

kiwisteven, Dec 3, 9:19pm
Okay, you say it should be in the regular spot. Where is this regular spot?"

gph1961, Dec 3, 9:25pm
the answer is. a $300 torch

monaro17, Dec 3, 9:26pm
Look at the lowest part of the dashboard above your accelerator pedal.

Where your dashboard slopes down into the footwell there should be a lever integrated into the dash plastic or alternatively to the right of where your accelerator foot sits

monaro17, Dec 3, 9:31pm

monaro17, Dec 3, 9:32pm
The next question is. once you have opened your bonnet, are you planning to do anything or is it purely a case of wanting to know how?

kiwisteven, Dec 3, 9:33pm
The answer is not a $300 tourch. I've used a very strong tourch and it doesn't show any latch I can see. Where exactly should it be. My guess is at the right up above the accelerator but there isn't anything there.

monaro17, Dec 3, 9:37pm
Assuming yours is this model (they changed shape in 2005 so could be either model )

See the wee black piece. It’s that put your hand under and pull it, it will rotate down and unlatch the bonnet

intrade, Dec 3, 9:42pm
get a 300$ flashligt for xmas and look for the lever it be under there somwhere in post 14

intrade, Dec 3, 9:44pm
you dont seem to understand the point of a 300$ flashlight. its not that you pay 300$ for a 2$ shop trash. its about to buy a tool you like and you can use and you value. Thats what its about.

kiwisteven, Dec 3, 9:48pm
Monaro.You are the Star! The Video you gave as reference was spot on and I have now located the bonnet release which was well hidden as part of the body shell which when you pushed it. it then came out at right and could only be seen if you looked rather than used hands to feel for it.
I needed to find the release just in case I needed to refill the water or something similar as I do quite a bit of travelling. For 5 years I was a commercial traveller using a variety of cars so I was really embarrassed to not be able to locate this latch.
Thanks for your help which is much appreciated!

monaro17, Dec 3, 9:55pm
Nice one.

kiwisteven, Dec 3, 10:01pm
Thanks Strobo. The hassle was just locating the latch itself. Now that's done all is well. Another great thanks to the Trademe Community.

kazbanz, Dec 3, 10:18pm
But does it work? The catch on those gets sticky

tgray, Dec 4, 7:53am
So you have owned it 4 years but have never had the bonnet open apart from getting it serviced? You mean you have been going up to 6 months with out checking oil and water? That's not good!

kiwisteven, Dec 4, 7:36pm
Yes, but of course I do watch all the lights and unbelievably never had a hassle even after driving as far south as Invercargill several times. That perhaps tends to make you feel over confident but without any hassles showing up it backs up the super reliability of a Honda.

tgray, Dec 4, 8:05pm

desmodave, Dec 5, 6:56am
With a rash , or discharge .

kiwisteven, Dec 8, 11:17pm
No that was a silly mistake I made. I meant Nissan of course.

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