1996 nissan bluebird sss upper suspension arm !

desmodave, Jan 18, 3:35am
1996 nissan bluebird sss
upper suspension arm
type e - hu14
A friends mums car failed its w.o.f.Been told it needs the suspention arm replaced.She said it had been sqeaking for awhile.Is there a bush in the suspention arm that can be replaced ordo you have to replace the complete arm !.

ct9a, Jan 18, 4:17am
either replace bush's or do a exchange for a arm

tim8069, Jan 18, 4:29am
The arms are usually quite well priced considering the time you save by not fitting the new bushes to the old arm. The arms can be had for around 75-100 bucks. This is the case for the primera I'm sure the bluebird would be similar as they are nearly the same setup.

phillip.weston, Jan 18, 4:49am
^ +1. Better off replacing the arm as one whole rather than mess about trying to press out/in bushes etc.

desmodave, Jan 18, 5:34am
Thanks chaps.

panicky, Jan 18, 7:53am
The u14 and P10, P11 primera upper arms are identical

hatchback, Jan 7, 10:07pm
Yes I just did a U14 arm and yes the same as primera, it was $17 second hand at pick a part. I got quoted stupid prices for new stuff. Easy job to change over too.

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