Fuel Pump Nissan BlueBird - Help!

franc123, Mar 16, 7:58am
No that is the charcoal canister, its an emission control device.The pump is in the fuel tank, very common to die on those things, especially if the filter, which is on the left of your photo is blocked.If you pull the back seat up can you hear a buzzing noise from underneath it when you first turn the key on!

joaopnz, Mar 16, 8:01am
Thank you very much Fran. Will have a look tomorrow.
I believe the Fuel filter still at its original, the car has now over 450K km. ! So hopefully this is the problem.

intrade, Mar 16, 8:17am
the thing next to it looks like the fuel filter. to the left.

mantagsi, Mar 16, 8:28am

jasongroves, Mar 16, 9:11am
LOL @ Fran

franc123, Mar 16, 9:33am
I'm laughing too, at two people who clearly didn't read post #2.Are their names Intrade and Mantagsi or Wuhhh and Duhhh!Let us know if the pump seems to be working OP.

jasongroves, Mar 16, 9:36am
Fran reminds me of that terrible show 'The Nanny'.I think you will find Franc is a dude;)

jleens, Mar 17, 5:27am
if its in tank fuel pump.open the fuel cap. have some one turn the ignition on to start car. put your ear to the filler tube listen for pump. or take the fuel line off from the filter to the fuel rain/carburator

This has been a public service announcement from the male of the species.lol

joaopnz, Apr 1, 6:54am
Have found and pull out the Fuel pum. It was indeed on the inside of the tank.

Now. The pump will work if I hold it Longways. If I them turn it upright it will work a few times and them it will stop. I them have to put it longways again and it will start.

I have checked Relay, All connection to the pump and all + /- and resistance is good.

Any idea what can be causing this to happen! I just don't want to buy a new pump and find out the problem is somewhere else.

Thank you


bigfatmat1, Apr 1, 8:25am
you should repair that vacuum line on the charcoal cannistar looks bit cracked if no vacuum tank may not vent and car will have intermittent idling issues.

joaopnz, Sep 20, 5:15pm
Thank you mate. Will see if I can cut the craked bit and get it fixed. Or buy a new hose.

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