Delica with 4m40 motor

rodeoclown, Feb 25, 10:08pm
My 1995 Delica has a recently reconned 4m40 motor, maybe 8 or 9 months ago, but over the last month or so has developed this screeching noise down around the exhaust side of the motor when its under load (automatic)but it dissapears when she pops into OD. This happens when close to or around town but when away on a trip, once it was running/working 1/2 an hour or so, with a few hills thrown in, the screeching is continueous. Could this be the turbo. Adding to this, when the motor is cold, as in the temp gauge just coming off the stoppers, we have no power what-so-ever. Your advice please, before I go out & buy a turbo for nothing

franc123, Feb 25, 10:18pm
You need to be looking at all the vacuum and turbo plumbing, and for exhaust leaks, there may be more than one problem there.

rodeoclown, Feb 25, 10:36pm
Hmm true. There has been a slight exhaust leak I think, ever since the motor was put in. All the noise is definitely coming from that area. Everything sounds normal when stationary

skin1235, Feb 26, 6:08am
the aircon unit is also down on that side of the motor, check the belts are tight and that the magnetic clutch is working properly

haventrader, May 26, 5:14pm
Start with tightening the belts. Might even pay to replace them.

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