Diy window tinting

boat3, Mar 9, 7:43am
Thinking about buying some window tint film for the canopy windows, and rear windows in my ute, has anyone tried doing this and what sort of results did you get? cheers

a.woodrow, Mar 9, 7:51am
Flat windows are easy, use lots of water and take your time, measure twice!

jason18, Mar 9, 7:54am
Water and a tiny bit of dishwashing liquid. Don't buy super cheap tint. Doesn't last and doesn't keep the heat out. It literally is just a tint. Try use something really flat and put a bit of Velcro around the squeegy. Make sure its the furry side lol

franc123, Mar 9, 7:59am
The DIY tint films sold in auto stores are crap, the fade out on them is shocking after only a year or two. Spend the money and get a pro job with pro materials, its far better long term.

gmphil, Mar 9, 7:25pm
there a guy on tm here sells pre cut to your car tints

next-to-normal, Mar 9, 10:12pm
watch the you tube vids, 3M tint is good, glass needs to be spotless, and i mean spotless, any speck will show up

dave653, May 5, 6:55pm
And, as I found out with our VN Calais. the glass has a light tint from the factory. Had I fitted 35% it would have been illegal.

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