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kecal, Sep 14, 8:38am
any one recommend a particular brand, have got teknics jacket but they gone down the bankrupt route , after some new boots jacket pants etc

tamarillo, Sep 14, 8:52am
Rev it. I've been using their gear for years, always well made, designed. I use three layer clothing so I am good in summer and winter and betweens.
Not cheap, but lasts and works.

oliver6, Sep 14, 9:01am
Most of the brands on sale in retail shops are good. I have worn Dririder a lot and like it. I have been looking at some jackets with hi viz panels which I like. They all say they are waterproof and most are for a while anyway.

ignition328, Sep 14, 9:07am
All depends if you are casual and just summer ride when it's fine or if you intend to do longer rides where you might get caught in a heavy downpour. I wear some Dririder gear, pretty good for the price, are you a funny shape? Because personally I'm quite tall and slim so there are some brands that do things like medium pants with long legs which is nice so I don't feel like I'm wearing parachute pants. Some people fit nicely into the regular large/XL/XXL much better than myself and don't have an issue.

kecal, Sep 14, 9:17am
no intend to do some longer rides, so chances are rain will come into play as it did on the weekend (not for long thank god).
macna gear anybody?

danchop, Sep 14, 10:24am
cant even trust good brands now,all depends where they are made I reckon.but if I had the money again id buy spidi for clothing,bmw stuff is probably a lot better but gay in appearance to me anyway
brought new alpinestar boots in 1987,only had to chuck them a couple years ago cause I wore the soles out too far from being resoled properly,replaced with a new pair at $300 and they stuffed out about 6 months ago(soles falling off)now I wear bloody sneakers.
brought a spidi jacket about 1998 ,bloody brilliant until it was stolen in 2012,never leaked,zips never broke,and no tears etc.
replaced with a $900 frank bend your arse over Thomas jacket,good for about 5 months until the first zip packed up and 2 years on more zips broken,leaks after about an hour of rain riding,outer lining all frayed and stiching coming unstuck.
waterproof textile pants are just a joke,so I buy motorcycle trousers just for the protection factor and use light outdoor waterproof stuff like north face for when it rains.
I do ride 8 hours a day 5 days a week unless I pull a sickie so the gear does get a testing

unideck, Sep 14, 3:28pm
Go with the Spidi brand, darn good quality for sure. I have a Thruxton and a Belstaff - Spidi is my favourite but I think iv gained a couple of KGs over the winter so it may well be a tad tight now lol.

toyboy3, Sep 14, 9:35pm
Best of them all are. Jandles ,tee shirt, and footy shorts !

ladatrouble, Sep 14, 11:21pm
My Spidi is over 15 years old, very expensive at the time. Apart from looking 15 years old everything works as intended, no broken zips or tears, except it's no longer waterproof or windproof. It has lasted better than previous leather jackets. Now I have a Belstaff clone oilskin jacket, that should see me out.

tamarillo, Sep 14, 11:25pm
For anything but light rain put on an over suit. Bike jackets still absorb rain in outer layer to differing degrees, it just doesn't get through. But they get heavy and damp. Much nicer to have a dry jacket ready for next day.

chikky11, Sep 15, 12:19am
Oversuits are fine till you have to stop and take a piss or worse

oliver6, Sep 15, 12:28am
I he just returned from a 6 week ride in Canada and Alaska. Some weeks I rode for 3 or 4 days in constant heavy rain, and very cold conditions. I wore a new Teknic jacket I bought some years ago and haven't used, new Dririder trousers and Macna gloves. It was all 100% waterproof.

tats63, Sep 15, 2:09am
Can't fault the Rev'it gear I have. Great quality, innovative design and a good range of gear from entry level thru to top of the line Goretex - depends what you want to spend.

trogedon, Sep 15, 4:38am
ladatrouble wrote:
My Spidi is over 15 years old, very expensive at the time. Apart from looking 15 years old everything works as intended, no broken zips or tears,

My Spidi jacket was $950 in the late 90s. Still excellent.

trogedon, Sep 15, 4:39am
Gay Ernie do top gear.

ladatrouble, Sep 15, 5:39am
I got the Spidi half price at a stock clearance sale, I still think it was expensive at that price. As with all things, the same quality is now cheaper.

richardmcf, Sep 16, 1:07am
I am surprised by how good the Neo stuff is for Jackets and pants, good price as well, I ride every day so do test a bit, A/stars gortex boots have also served well, what is a waterproof glove and where can I find it

oliver6, Sep 16, 1:23am
Macna gloves are waterproof

pattym1, Sep 16, 2:56am
Revit. their pants are really good and a good fit - make a womans range that actually fits properly. i have a leather jacket for summer cruising and a Teknics one for longer rides. and i am yet to find a truly water proof glove. *whispers - Harley Davidson brand boots* - they last and last. o and ice breaker leggings and glove liners. sorted. happy riding.

desmodave, Sep 16, 3:27am
My 20+ year old Florian leather Jacket and 19 year old Natural wear leather pants , both made in Christchurch have stood up to the test well . Nothing has broken or come apart in all these years . They get a coat of dubbin every so often to help repel water . 1 piece rainsuit only gets put on if i still have a few hours ride to get where i am going . Sidi boots get the big tick from me and recently purchased RST gloves have remained water proof so far . I normally carry another back up pair of gloves should they be needed . Plenty of choice out there see what fits you best if you can then do your home work to see if there is much to be saved buying online .

ladatrouble, Sep 16, 5:48am
I have a couple of pairs of waterproof winter gloves, and waterproof ski mittens, but also have rain-offs - all season completely dry and no wet leather.

..james.., Jun 22, 9:22am
Don't know what they are like now but i had a dri rider jacket that was versatile for all seasons. Never leaked in the most torrential west coast days and days of rain.

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