1997 Nissan Bluebird NZ Model

chutneyman, May 23, 4:50am
Help !
Ive had no control over my heater for the past month. Always cold and the direction buttons aint working
Ive replaced the motor control thing on the left under the glove box

Its a pain because cant keep windows clear on these cold mornings.

kazbanz, May 23, 4:59am
is the radiator working?

chutneyman, May 23, 5:04am
Yes radiator working fine

ml6989, May 23, 11:11am
Is the engine getting up to operating temperature? Is the temp gauge sitting where it should or does it always show cold?

intrade, May 23, 7:39pm
ok Always cold means no coolant is flowing rhru heater core , check the 2 hoses dont brake em off on firewall under bonnet if both hot .
there is 2 systems i is a tap under bonnet to stop flow and one is a flap under dash system shutting the gate to pass air thru heater core .

check hoses hot if cold find tap if no tap core is blocked up with crud suggesting you also dont have engine coolant in system either

lugee, May 25, 6:25am
They said they also cannot change the air direction. That smells of an electrical or mechanical problem with the flaps in the heater.

chutneyman, May 25, 8:07am
Hi. Engine perfect as per usuall. Im sure it an electrical issue.

intrade, Sep 17, 3:17am
change the flap then maually on the heater core if you look under the bonnet where the 2 hoses for the heater go in to the car the other side iis where the heater has to be and near that must be the mechanism for the flap. unhook it open it and tie it open with a cable tie .
This way you got heat always and need to change it back in summer only
I had this problem on my 1982 mechanical wire controll toyota, craweld under the dash and moved the lever to direct air thru the core. was broken off somwhere and parts for a 1982 one for that sort of thing would have been impossible to find plus the car looked like it was already in the crusher and pulled back out . scrapped it in 2010

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