2010 Mondeo Hatchback

kokako14, Apr 3, 7:26am
Got a wee problem with my Mondeo.
The hatch doesn't close completely. (This problem started on Saturday, worked perfectly until around 10.30am) Now I cant close it properly and cant open it. The is a click as I press the release button, but it doesnt release the hatch. When I drive down the road, the computer reminds me with beeping and flashing message that the luggage compartment is open.
Of course, it doesn't have a key or internal release, does anyone know a method it could be opened, without me having to take it to the local Ford dealer to sort out?

tamarillo, Apr 3, 7:51am
Since it wasn't cloding properly it might be that a seal is loose, or the mechanism is faulty, in which case it might be able to be sorted once boot is open. Problem is you need to get cover off the mechanism to get to it. I think it needs to be broken off but have a Google as their are some hints there.
Once you've got to mechanism you should be able to release it and then see what's going on.

franc123, Mar 30, 12:57am
Get someone to yank upwards on it while you operate the release at the same time, or use the keyfob button to do it. The last time I dealt with an issue like this was because of a poorly fitting boot mat that had got jammed under the hatch door and would only allow a partial latching of it.

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