Nissan Bluebird help turning off the voice!

fibreartist, May 18, 8:50pm
Bought this car a couple of months ago & all of a sudden there is this most irritating female Japaneses voice preceded by "Bing Bong".

I don't know what she is saying but gets almost hysterical & it is constant. Drove to Auckland & back from Rotorua yesterday & really felt like screaming back at her.

Please can someone help before I take to the dash with a sledgehammer.

By the way does anyone know she says while driving you totally round the twist?

fibreartist, May 19, 12:22am
Can anyone help?

kazbanz, May 19, 12:27am
I would say you have accidently turned on the GPS unit.
Does your car have a reversing camera?

toomuch3, May 19, 1:37am
If its anything like the Mazda I recently bought the friendly welcome voice was tied to the ETC system (Electronic Toll Connection System). Above the drivers side sun shade there is a cavity that hides the box. I just pulled the wire out and this stopped her. There might be a card in there - try removing that as well.

My biggest pain is I cant change the time on the Pioneer Radio / GPS so if anyone has an idea on changing the AVIC EVZ9 Id appreciate it - I think it is tied to the GPS which is set for local Japanese time.

fibreartist, May 19, 2:20am
Hi Kazbanz

Yes it has a GPS (Japanese) that has been on since we got the car without the irritating voice, also has a backing camera.

tamarillo, May 19, 4:07am
There are so many different systems used on jap market cars that the chance of someone being able to give you correct instructions is pretty low. You need to either have Japanese speaker turn it off or take head unit out and put NZ unit in which is by far best solution as you also then get decent fm. You really need to factor head unit into buying the car if it's an import.

kazbanz, May 19, 4:24am
YEE of little faith

kazbanz, May 19, 4:37am
What you need to do is remove the radio.You then need to unplug every wire from the back of the radio except for the one big wide plug and the arial wire.The GPS then isn't getting a signal and theres also less change of issues with wiring.
You might find you then can't set the time at all then its a matter of disconnecting the battery for a few seconds bang on 1.00pm
(that's worst case scenario)

kazbanz, May 19, 4:45am
in your case you follow the exact same principle as with the axella above except that its a smaller flat plug.
Now your reversing camera needs to be plugged back in-what year is the bluebird?

toomuch3, May 19, 4:58am
Thanks Kazbanz. Think I might try the second option. Sounds easier as a Saturday afternoon job.

Also I've discovered the DVD player - it only works if the handbrake is pulled on. So I figure if I pull too many wires out I'll wreck something else. Though If I just isolate the GPS wire this may turn the clock off leaving me with the dashboard clock - I sure don't need to clocks!

I've got the radios tuned, front and rear cameras, the bluetooth working and just need to do is get the TV going! So much technology in such a small box - which would be a darn site easier to figure out if I knew Japanese! I suspect the TV isn't freeview digital so I'll be right out of luck there.

kazbanz, May 19, 5:36am
toomuch3--until the GPS is unplugged I doubt you'll have much luck.
ohh and no the tv won't work

morrisjvan, May 19, 8:52am
Why are all the buttons ,gauges written in English, but the radios are Japanese? My radio is predominantly in English , but has a few buttons with Japanese characters ! Why would you do that ?
Pick one language F F S.

fibreartist, May 19, 8:28pm
Thanks Kazbanz, it's a 2007 model

saki, May 20, 4:58am
She's telling you to pull over for jiggy jig.

kazbanz, Jan 22, 2:51am
Ok then the 2007 has the integrated radio/gps etc in dash centre.
A bit more work but not a lot.The main radio plug is the long flat plug.
The arial is either the traditional round socket or its a small grey square plug. Literally I would unplug everything except for the main plug and the arial then plug in/unplug one plug at a time until the reverse camera works.
Once it works every other plug can be left unplugged.--I bet "the lady" shuts up

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