Steering wheel feels sticky

macrubble, Oct 29, 5:34pm
Only had this car a few weeks. When it is hot the steering wheel feels sticky. I haven't try cleaning it with anything in case I make it worse. Any one know what I can do to fix this?

socram, Oct 29, 5:41pm
Is it leather, vinyl, some form of composite? One of the safest products is diluted 'Simple Green'. I haven't notice any adverse effect on any material.

intrade, Oct 29, 5:55pm
i was gona say simple green also ;)

timmo1, Oct 29, 6:20pm
A lot of 'spray and wipe' type cleaners lead to that stickiness (assuming it's not something that's been spilled on it)

supernova2, Oct 29, 6:49pm
If it's a plastic type wheel I've used dishwash liquid in the past. Just mix up a brew, like you would use to do the dishes, in a bucket and a good wash with a cloth and dry it off and all good to go.

If it a leather wheel then you need a leather cleaner, either a car care product or some saddle soap. Tempting as it may seem don't use shoe polish!

thejazzpianoma, Oct 29, 6:57pm
If you have a steamer. it's safe on everything including leather.

m16d, Oct 29, 7:11pm
Hot water on a rag. do it every couple a days til it comes right.

thejazzpianoma, Oct 29, 9:20pm
If you don't have a steamer, magic eraser for the win every time. Plus. you get the bonus of seeing all the muck that comes out of it! Yummy!

macrubble, Dec 11, 11:03am
Thanks for all your advice

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