Steering wheel locks

ltz500, Sep 9, 12:41pm
Hi I am looking at purchasing a steering wheel lock for a nissan patrol. can anyone reccomend a good brand / model? thanks

pdc1, Sep 9, 1:54pm
anything will do. Cracks me up with people finding the best, and strongest lock, when the weakest point will always be the steering wheel.

toyboy3, Sep 9, 3:17pm
And a hacksaw blade ! Then bend the wheel and off comes the lock

billyfieldman, Sep 9, 4:56pm
I use Prolock.

It's just a visible deterrent to opportunist or joyriders. Hopefully they look for easier target. Useful for defense too in case of road rage.

mrfxit, Sep 10, 7:34am
Even fancy state of the art alarm systems get bypassed, but the stickers etc make the casual thieves think twice about pinching it.

ozz1, Sep 10, 1:39pm
I leave the dog in the car. hes quite fond of ferals.

intrade, Sep 10, 2:08pm
Forget them you need to think like a thive not like a honest person.
Somone told me this about these steering locks. you think you cant drive the car with that thing on right. True but.
You did not think like a thive .
A thive will hacksaw the steering wheel a part in 30 secounds push the lock out and drive off with your car in 1 minute with a cut in your steering wheel.
Thats thinking like a thive . = that thing is absolute usless.

intrade, Sep 10, 2:11pm
Aftermarket alarm systems are only good to make your car brake down and not start sooner or later 1 minute to bypass any alarm system if you know the wiring diagramm . and trust me a thive will have it in there head plus have tools to bypass it.
Only Good alarm is a silent one with tracker like a snitch so you can find your stolen car after again.

joopa, Sep 10, 4:39pm
My DIY lock

Hardened chain and old Abloy padlock that maybe 3 locksmiths in NZ could pick. Only weak spot is padlock shackle which could be cut with big bolt cutters.

I would not trust any SCA or Repo stuff as locks are crap.

bill1451, Sep 10, 6:25pm
at the end of the day a lot of thievery is opportunistic and stickers and steering locks will hopefully make them move onto the next car. Unless u insist on driving a subby whatever model lol

billyfieldman, Sep 10, 9:59pm
How about hidden kill switch?

tegretol, Sep 11, 11:12pm
Or a battery grinder fitted with a 2mm cutting disk - say 8 seconds max.

In my view the best protection is a decent insurance policy.

mm12345, Sep 13, 10:32pm
I now just use a supercheap steering wheel lock on my Safari. Yes- easy to cut through the wheel, but the scum usually work on foot, don't want to be caught wandering around with bolt-cutters or battery grinder, a small hack-saw takes too long.
When mine got stolen we had video of them. The security camera panned in 30 second sweeps. One pan they were standing next to it - one guy working as "lookout" casually smoking a fag - 30 seconds later they were driving it out the carpark exit. Quick work I'd say - considering they'd have probably needed to glow it for 5 or 10 seconds to get it started. They only got about 1km and ditched it - my good luck it ran out of diesel - LOL.
A basic hidden kill switch is easy to set up to cut power to the fuel-cut solenoid. Easy to bypass of course - they just need to run a wire from the battery - but to do that they have to open the bonnet and muck around.

ema671, Sep 22, 2:06pm
the easy way make power cut from the battery with a hidden button just you know about it.

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