Replacing radiator hose / rust inhibitor.

friendly_prawn, Aug 19, 2:09pm
Bought a new radiator hose. $35. Just going to drain all the water out and add new. Went in to get some radiator rust inhibitor / anti freeze, and they're quoting $50. Is that normal? Theyre saying the best way to go is to buy the 7.7L's I need from them pre mixed as apparently tap water isn't good for the radiator. But how fussy do I really need to be?

When ever i have topped up a radiator in the past all i use is tap water.

They have some cheaper bottles, of: concentrate that I can just mix with tap water. The car is just an old hack!

Just curious, how many use tap water when filling your radiator? Do you buy the more expensive pre mix, or just grab some cheaper concentrate and mix it with tap water?

peanuts37, Aug 19, 2:24pm
Nobody has just used water for years. Problem now with your system having used just water and now putting anti freeze in is that if there is a small leak the anti freeze will find it and leak. I would use something like Bars Leaks or Wynns stop leak which I think has corrosion inhibitors which will cover most bases for a hack.

intrade, Aug 19, 2:30pm
do you put earphones on and wear blindfolds when posting on this forum?
i said for the 101 tousends time You need the correct manufacturer spec coolant plus demineralised water. its cheaper to mix it your self with concentrate as you can not dilute or strengthen a premix with more premix.

friendly_prawn, Aug 19, 2:30pm
In your world perhaps. I have never used anything else to top up my radiator, and I have never seen anyone using special water to top up a radiator. Any time I have seen some one top up a radiator, its been straight out of a tap. Or a creek even. Never seen anyone use special water to top up their radiator.

friendly_prawn, Aug 19, 2:31pm
Sorry intrade, but you just aren't that important to me. I dont follow you around the message board drooling over every post you write.

peanuts37, Aug 19, 2:32pm
Why did you ask if you all ready knew the answer?

friendly_prawn, Aug 19, 2:33pm
Then if demineralised water is needed then it may be cheaper to use concentrate, but the average joe like myself doesn't have demineralised water lying around. Sounds like its probably a case of just buying the pre mix and being done with it. Even if its going to be more expensive.

intrade, Aug 19, 2:34pm
do your self a favour and learn the basic minimum.

friendly_prawn, Aug 19, 2:36pm
I think you may struggle with comprehension a little. please quote me where i said I know. Im simply stating what the average joe does. You stated no one ever tops up their radiator with water. You are wrong. The average person does it all the time. I didnt say it was the correct way to do it. Its simply what people do. The reason Im here is to find out how important it is to get it right. Gee, I shouldnt have to write you a book. Perhaps you need to slow down and digest what you are reading before commenting.

friendly_prawn, Aug 19, 2:40pm
Jeeze intrade, thats 1hour 35 minutes long. I haven't time for a whole science class. Just wondered what the general consensus is . Appreciate you taking the time to advise though.

intrade, Aug 19, 2:49pm
good things take time . they go in every detail. for engine oils then coolant fluids.
if you have a 1980s engine some green crap would do but you got to flush all other stuff as coolant react and the colour is just a die.
i cant write a whole book its all in that video on whats important.
like if a salesman tells you its good . you dont trust that especially when a salesman tells you if it dont meets the spec.
i know my mate was getting oil the guy said that will do. He said can you give me that in writing? uhmmm um no hangon we got the other one here. was the answer he said.
For old stuff green glycole with refractometer to 42° C The red stuff for example nuolen longlive will eat up the copper radiators.
750$ later on a kobuta tractor i found out Reading the bottle it stated its no good for copper .
So you best watch that vid then you know everything there is to know.

intrade, Aug 19, 2:54pm
like if you ever open the bonnet on a volkswagen gruppe. Vw-audi-seat-skoda You will see on the coolant bottle G12 and a owner manual sign on it This is so you only put G12 coolant in there and not some crap who claims to be compatible
Like i said watch the video Good luck. if you dont.

friendly_prawn, Aug 19, 3:10pm
Cheers in trade. Appreciate the advice.

msigg, Aug 19, 3:59pm
If the car is an old hack just go with what you want, All it's life it would have had normal water, Drain the whole thing and replace with proper anti corrosion and whatever water you want, if it's an expensive car and late model then go with the manufactures specs, An older car with plenty of miles on the clock will no no difference, if it's that fuzzy then it would be buggered by now. We need some common sense here not video crap.

friendly_prawn, Aug 19, 4:35pm
To be honest, that's pretty much what I thought. I stopped in at supercheap to grab some antifreeze only to get told I need demineralised water to go with the antifreeze. I was thinking, its an old bomb. My whole life I have only ever used tap water in all my old wrecks with out any problems. Mind you I change my cars like I change my underpants. Before anyone else jumps in, thats regularly. :-)

I was just going to grab a container of the green antifreeze and top it up with tap water. Thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. After reading intrade's post I thought I better go about it properly. Popped in to repco to see what they had, and picked up two premixed 5L bottles. More than enough to do the whole job, and only $20 a pop. $40 and she's all sorted with the proper mix / water. So all good to go now. Thanks guys.

mber2, Aug 19, 5:32pm
What do you think they fill the water cans up with at service stations then

comsolve, Aug 19, 5:40pm
They are correct but you will find "Pure Dew" brand distilled water from the supermarket is cheaper.

peanuts37, Aug 19, 6:00pm
Nowhere did I say anything about not using tap water. OP said 'Just going to drain all the water out and add new'. To me read as they are going to use and have been using just water without anti freeze or any other additives. Also asks 'how many use tap water when filling your radiator' not just topping up.

marte, Aug 19, 11:58pm
I have been reading about this. I thought G 12 was glycerine based, even mentioned it here.
But I'm now finding that it's G13 that's glycerine based.
And not to use G12, but to use G12+ or G12++ instead.
G12 has smaller amounts of silicates in it and Aluminium will still corrode.
The + & ++ versions have the correct ratios of additives.

Yeah, somebody put a different antifreeze in my car and it's 'clotted' in the water. I gotta do a thermostat replacement soon, so it's not being used ATM & empty.

friendly_prawn, Oct 22, 2:47am
How the hell do you fill up your radiator with out using any form of water?

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