Lost motor cycle key

the-lada-dude, Sep 5, 1:15pm
When I received my won at damaged vehicle auction Suzuki, there were NO keys. after lots of investigation into where the f. they went, still NO keys. So I ring the agent, and yes by using the VIN # they will know what the key # was, and can make a set , but NO not for my model and I have to buy new barrels and key as a set . $ 150, so I say, . what about the fuel filler cap ? it has a lock, & I need the key that you won't supply to take it off the fuel tank to replace the barrel . utter f. wits

Does anyone know of a lock smith in BOP that specializes in replacement key .

will the barrel in the helmet lock be the same as ign / fuel ? . suspect it would

rak1, Sep 5, 1:47pm
Depending on how old the bike is, you might also need to have chipped keys to activate the ignition. Talking big bucks then dude.

rj-001, Sep 5, 3:03pm
All the key locked things on the bike will use the same key i.e the ignition key. (well all the Suzikis I have had are like this)
So, like you say, just getting a new barrel for the ignition only partially solves the problems.
If you take the barrel from one of the locks to a locksmith can they reverse engineer the key pattern? I dunno, I have never tried to get something like that done before.

kazbanz, Sep 5, 3:23pm
TLD mate its pretty easy to sort out. Its just a little GN125.
Drop the headlight shell out and youll get to the two snap off bolts holding the ignition barrel in placeWith a pin punch youll be able to undo those. Then take the barrel to an AUTOMOTIVE locksmith and they will cut you a key either to the code on the barrel (one letter 5 numbers from memory) or to the barrel itself. It will then work the fuel cap and the helmet lock which have less wafers.
and NO it doesn;'t have a chipped key.

the-lada-dude, Sep 5, 5:03pm
Kazimoto, i managed to get the helmet lock off the chassis, will it have a # on it ( the barrel that is ) ? and yeah, it's just a little GN125 . with a big heart . I hope

kazbanz, Sep 5, 5:07pm
Nope--and the helmet lock has less wafers that the ignition barrel. Sorry dude you need to get that ignition barrel out.

a.woodrow, Sep 5, 6:51pm
You have my sympathy, I had a GN250 and it was woefully underpowered. I can only imagine what the 125 would be like

bill-robinson, Sep 5, 6:57pm
go hand in hand with the lada performance

gblack, Sep 5, 9:06pm
Yeah, but at least Lada guy can put their feet down and push to make it go faster.

I do recommend the classic GN250 for newbies as they are like cockroaches in that they have survived from the dark ages (or at least mid 80s) and may survive post apolocapse.

But the 125cc version? A young intern at work had one; young lady who had to be about 50kg dripping wet and watching her trying to accelerate up hill across a busy intersection. I think a wee bit more power might be the answer no matter what the question

desmodave, Sep 5, 9:22pm

the-lada-dude, Sep 6, 8:04am
Ta Desmo,

bill-robinson wrote:

go hand in hand with the lada performance

Yeah, but at least Lada guy can put their feet down and push to make it go faster.


berg, Sep 6, 8:12am
GN125, just like a GN250 only slower lol. But, bloody good little units as long as you aren't expecting massive performance from them. Pity the newer Chinese ones aren't as good as the original Japanese built ones

apollo11, Sep 6, 8:19am
The forks on those things are too thin. A mate slid over on gravel riding his and the forks got bent.

kazbanz, Sep 6, 9:34am
The only issue I see with that plan is that the tank cap has to be forced off somehow. Most times the ol screwdriver an mash it trick works--sometimes not so much. Then the old ignition barrel has to be removed anyways to fit the new top set.

budgel, Sep 6, 10:42am
Good Idea, I was going to suggest the same thing from Wish.

Heres one for you: https://tinyurl.com/

budgel, Sep 6, 10:44am
The one I got for a Yamaha could be got at from screws underneath.

kazbanz, Sep 6, 11:06am
Mate--Sorry wont work with the GN -You have to get under there and drop it down from underneath. -the loop round the instruments prevents it

yz490, Sep 6, 11:12am
Desperate measures but 'if' it's cdi & not tci ignition you might be able to simply unplug the main switch [to stop box or source coil being earthed out to kill ignition] & push start it then ride off into the sunset [with no lights lol]. Guy arrived at our bucket race meet at Ohakea years 25 years ago with no fuel cap key--panic--so pumped the fuel back up into tank via a fuel hose & pressurised the fuel can somehow. Small garden weed sprayer would work. Anyway--ignore me rambling on. psd, even tci if you knew which is power into the box could be a goer but costly if not done right.

the-lada-dude, Sep 6, 1:11pm
OK right , thought i'd be a smart bastard, got the helmet lock off to take to locksmith . so I phone & tell the story, but, he says, the barrel in the helmet lock may not have as much mechanical info to cut it for the ignition TRUE or FALSE

kazbanz, Sep 6, 1:13pm
Refer to post 7 --The "mechanicals" are called wafers

the-lada-dude, Sep 6, 4:23pm
I bit the bullet and took the ign barrel out and off to the lock smithy tomorrow

kazbanz, Sep 6, 5:03pm
Do auto specialist or they might no have the blank

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