MZR 2.0 DISI motor

pearl4, Oct 23, 7:05pm
I'm looking at buying a Mazda Atenza, up to 12K. I've seen a couple on TM around 2010-2012 with a 2.0 disi motor. Are they good engines? I've been looking and researching cars for my needs for the last few weeks. I'm a single lady in my 50s with one teenager at home. I do a lot of long distance travel and want the ability to fold the rear seats down.

intrade, Oct 23, 7:10pm
Well would you buy a duratec ford?

pearl4, Oct 23, 7:33pm
I have no idea. Like I said, I'm a lady in my 50s, not knowledgeable about car mechanics. Hence why I asked on here.

yendor, Oct 23, 7:57pm
Not sure about that engine but heaps of Mazdas around. Always a good idea to compare the Ancap Safety ratings of Jap imports against the Nz New model though. Some are quite a bit worse.

pearl4, Oct 23, 8:07pm
Thanks for the tip Yendor, I'll do that.

vtecintegra, Oct 24, 7:10am
The same ratings get applied to both NZ and import models so you won't find anything that way.

That model should be new enough that it shouldn't be an issue, but it is worth checking it has the side and curtain airbags and stability control (the former were often left out of Japanese market cars until fairly recently)

bolproman, Oct 24, 4:02pm
Pearl, nothing wrong with that car as such. I'd try it first and note that the NZ new ones would have a 2.4 motor and that wasn't a ball of fire. Ok if flat and motorway work but if you use hilly rural roads you might find you miss the ease that the bigger motor gives.
Mazda 6 was known as having more road noise than competitors though it is not a big deal - again if coarse chip rural roads are your trip maybe try others for noise.
Lastly, SOME of the imports of these seem to be harsh and lowered suspension. tried one that bottomed out on road hump, whereas I'd used many as rentals and they were fine.
If you can find one an NZ new sportshatch version Mazda 6 has more goodies, 2.4 engine, and is known to do huge miles.

pearl4, Oct 24, 5:44pm
Thanks for the advice. Bolproman, yes I do drive a lot of rural roads so don't fancy too much road noise. Do you have any other suggestions?

fordcrzy, Dec 15, 8:01am
These engines MUST MUST MUST be run on premium fuel. Do not ever run them on 91 fuel

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