Staged truck accidents - only in america?

serf407, Dec 9, 7:30pm

tweake, Dec 9, 8:30pm
i would not say "only in america".
russia is really bad for scam accidents.

its a bit different doing it on trucks, its commonly done on cars. typically done with a team.

marte, Dec 10, 4:05am
I have read that in general, if a heavy truck is involved in a accident, it's considered the drivers fault unless it's obviously somebody else's fault & it's been proven to be.
Even then it's still the truck drivers fault 'because there was a way to avoid it, because there's always a way to avoid a accident'.
Like, the onus is on the truck driver from the start.

tony9, Dec 10, 1:58pm
Yes, one can read pretty much anything, if they look hard.

In this case, BS.

tony9, Dec 10, 1:59pm
Only under one Donald Trump.

"Last month, one of the indicted defendants charged with staging over 50 accidents, Cornelius Garrison (“Garrison”), was shot and killed in his apartment on September 24, 2020"

Problem sorted, move on.

marte, Oct 11, 3:13pm
Problem not sorted, they have moved the problem up a level from insurance fraud to 3 counts of suspected murder.
Quote { Notably, Garrison was the third “slammer” involved in the federal investigation into staged accidents to die.} End quote

I have read about the training these truckers do & watched a few class courses & read several items by the truckers themselves.
Even they are likely to blame the trucker in a lot of cases, knowing what they know.

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