Desmodave Motorbike re VIN

trogedon, Jun 8, 8:41pm
It's a bit of a long story now - I trailered the bike to the VIN guy in Hamilton and he checked it over and charged me. He said it was fine apart from the new foot brake lever my bike mechanic had changed had to be signed off and the bars I'd changed for new ones were fine but they had to be one of three approved brands (I bought Renthals) and changed by a certified repairer. I dragged it home. No certified repairers in Auckland apart from Experience Motorcycles booked up to July which would be after my two months quarantine period. I had my new bars sent to VIN guy, booked it in with him for a fine day, rode down, had him change the bars and sign off the foot brake lever and rode home. I've now got to book it in for the VTNZ cert check which I've already had done / paid for (so now paying twice! ) and get the MR2. I'm annoyed when I went to them in December they didn't tell me I should've got the VIN test / replaced parts first ;-( Anyway, the bike is well worth it and good to ride etc.

desmodave, Jun 9, 3:10am
Good1 Trog . Did vtnz happen to give you a form to be signed and witnessed at your local court house ? . Just trying to confirm if they make their own rules up . They would not let me do the brake declaration myself , claiming it was a conflict of interest . Pretty sure bike importers do their own . Cost bugger all anyway just the principle claiming that i could not do it myself . While the F800 was being measured and checked over in Chch a F650 with a broken fork caught my eye . $1 a cc and it was mine . Just picked up a 2008 YZF450 front end over in Chch last week , and fitted it yesterday . I have some Ratel engineering made, rear shock linkages to raise to rear end to suit the front . Didn't plan on getting a dirt bike again in the interests of body preservation like , it just sort of happened . Rotax power has quietly chipped away at taking over my garage .

kazbanz, Jun 9, 9:07am
Dave-when theres a clear paper trail they don't worry about it. ie insurance wright off with receipt. They tend to want more paperwork when its lapsed rego and no ownership trail.

desmodave, Jun 9, 9:45am
I had the receipt for the purchase off Manheim showing a zero balance . I question their request , stating that the receipt was proof of ownership . They smile and point me in the direction of the court house . I sign they sign then back to vtnz . Wait a bit then get given the wof & form . Take out a cordless driver and plate out of 1 of the paniers attach plate off home i go .

kazbanz, Jun 9, 5:55pm
I guess that's the diffence you n me. My "local" does so much compliance for me the receipt was enough

trogedon, Jun 9, 6:49pm
Receipt; I got Turners (where I got the bike) to email the VTNZ guy the receipts of my payment - though they had a specific term for it. Annoying to have to go to the court house etc to have it justified.

desmodave, Jun 10, 4:47pm
Was told when getting the brakes measured that things would be different if i had gone and got it done in Nelson . All just arse covering i guess .

desmodave, Jun 10, 5:20pm
It was , didn't even give the court house a thought . Security ,walk through metal detectors and a wand they put over my helmet . They wanted me to empty my jacket , many pockets and 30 odd years of just incase items that cover a few bikes . Joining links for different size chains , fuses , small hex key set and torx set , couple of fire lighters , Leatherman multi tool with knife etc . I went back out and left it with my bike instead of emptying pockets and causing them some excitement for the day . Was just glad to get to the legal stage . No doubt i will move it on when the weather warms again . Ride back from Grey in the rain fuel display got down to 5lt per 100km , not use to that economy .

trogedon, Jul 21, 6:47pm
Done. I've now got my MR2A in my clammy hands. I think I'll wait until the weather is starting to turn (October) to get the plate and rego it - though it's a perfect day for a blat today.

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