G6e turbo rear clunk

familiadude1, Jul 25, 7:50pm
Hey guys went and looked at a g6e turbo falcon today and noticed the rear had a clunking noise when getting off the gas after being on boost. Is this usually the diff bushes? or something else?

morrisman1, Jul 25, 8:05pm
diff bushes are pretty common. if its power related then Id go for diff bushes but FG falcons have lots of spherical bushes in the suspension which do wear over time and clonk even when moderately worn. Replace diff bushes with aftermarket nolathane or similar ones and you wont have issues again. Good bargaining point on a sale. While the diff is out why not throw an LSD out of an XR into it, the G6E turbo only had a single spinner

familiadude1, Jul 25, 8:14pm
It's definatley only power related. Under normal driving there was no clunks or anything. Tbh I wasn't a big fan of the colour anyway and there was a few other things that bugged me about it so will probably pass. Will probably look at another one but as you say chuck a lsd in when the time comes for diff bushes

morrisman1, Jul 25, 8:24pm
yeah, LSD cant be that hard to find. seems all NZ delivered XR6/turbo/xr8 had them.

3tomany, Jul 25, 8:53pm
My bet will be Center hanger bearing on the drive shaft and maybe diff bushes as an added extra.

calz14, Jul 25, 9:07pm
Yep diff bushes. Did the same when I bought our g6et.

familiadude1, Jul 25, 10:00pm
calz14 wrote:
Yep diff bushes. Did the same when I bought our g6et.[/quote

whats the rough price to get it done at a shop?]

intrade, Jul 26, 8:45am
Good info i am also thinking the same as above suggestions.
Now the problem is poster #7 if you need to know what it costs then there is 2 things wrong . either its you or its the garage.
Lets see how can i explain this in a non offensive way.
If you want to know how much it cost so the garage wont rip you then you clearly have no trust in the garage and you want to find a shop you can trust.
Now if you want to know how much it costs and then tell the shop what they can charge then your a cheapskate who wants everything for free. Thats how a shop will see you.
So its either or. If you however want to know a ballpark to see how much money it will drain from the bank to fix it then non of the above potentially apply to you.
everyone can be a cheapskate in some way shape or form including me. like i dont buy mince meat that cost more then 10$ that has had to go up to 12$ now . thats where i am a cheapskate. i can live without meat or find alternative like the rabbits breeding in my paddock.
but if your a cheapskate on everything or the wrong thing it will come back to haunt you.
i got a freezer with best energy rating as the money it cost more to buy i save tenfold in power in a few years bad idea to save in the wrong place, some people learn the hard way some never learn.

3tomany, Jul 26, 11:09am
Depends on how many they replace. Myself, i would do them all and it is about one days labour maybe a bit more depending how well it all comes out. I still bet that drive shaft hanger bearing is shot as well. Depending on the garage and what they replace i would say 2-4k

familiadude1, Jul 26, 2:52pm
I was more interested in a ball park figure to get an idea of how much I would need to set aside for it. I have never got a price from a shop and then told them what to charge me it is more so I can gauge how much I Need to put aside for certain things

demios, Jul 26, 4:57pm
Is the muffler loose? I had a car that clunked when breaking or decelerating and it was just the muffler clunking into the chassis.

calz14, Jul 26, 5:14pm
Sorry cant remember exactly, was roughly $1000 or so. Did all new bushes, we did 4 new tyres at the same time so bill was around 2500. Didnt put cheap tyres on.

3tomany, Dec 16, 9:07pm
That reminds me of the time i was a muppet. I had an FG Falcon that would clunk every time i hit a rough bump in the road. Took it to my dealer for diagnosis and the answer was a bit embarrassing as i got a puncture a few months earlier however i did not tie the spare wheel back down after changing it. Every time i hit a bump it would just bump a little itself.
Sounded like the diff wanted out but na just a loose spare.

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