Easiest wheel bearing done ever

mrfxit, Jul 5, 1:58pm
Done a few over the years on various vehicles & just did a rear bearing for a 2003 Wingroad.
Ok, so the retail cost of a complete bearing hub is a tad more then just a bearing set to be fitted but oh Sooo easy
Jack up/ wheel off/ hub bearing cap off & unwind the big nut.
Pull hub off/ slide on replacement hub/ crank up nut till it stops & ping the locking tab back down/ refit bearing cap.
Refit wheel/ lower jack & bugger off down the road

About 15 minutes & nothing else to do/ adjust etc.
No crawling under the car/ no mess/ sat on my butt for the swapping part

franc123, Jul 5, 2:20pm
Not all modern tech is bad, it might seem like a throwaway approach but think of how much that saves you if you were paying labour for someone else to deal with a conventional adjustable taper roller bearing, or worse, a sealed unit that has to have flanges and the bearing itself cut out and pressed out and the whole thing pressed back together again.

mrfxit, Jul 5, 2:42pm
A bonus on this specific hub is that it's a very minimal about of steel involved
Done a few 2000 onwards Holdens & that bearing hub is not only huge & heavy but also has 4 bolts to undo.

Wingroad = one nut.

strobo, Jul 5, 2:52pm
But beware with abs sensors that are built into the wheel bearings , get it around the right way first time !Unlike me , just saying I got caught out a few year back.and had to buy a new wheel bearing kit in the $100's ,as I effffd it while removing it trying to correct it.

saxman99, Jul 5, 4:34pm
The easiest one I ever did was a few months ago on my Sister's Demio. I took it to a workshop, said “new rear wheel bearings please” and picked it up when it was done.

muppet_slayer, Jul 5, 4:50pm
Probably works out about the same once you take labour and materials into consideration, the grease and cleaning, knock the old cones out, clean hub, knock new cones in, grease bearings, grease hub, fit bearings, fit hub, adjust etc etc.

mrfxit, Jul 14, 4:08pm
Good hint
Thankfully this model doesn't have ABS but the hubs are the same

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