Tarpaulin for Motorbike. Where from?

trogedon, Mar 15, 8:19pm
I bought a lightweight cover for my SV650 here and it's find for what it is but I want a heavy weight tarp for over Winter. There are more heavy weight covers here but they're not that heavy and I don't want to spend $300 + on one. Do Repco etc have them?

lakeview3, Mar 15, 8:27pm
Husband got a very heavy duty one (tarp) from supercheap. Waterproof also.

Wouldn’t you want to get a custom made one from planosol canvas? Very durable stuff. Any upholsterer could do it.

tamarillo, Mar 16, 8:24am
Oxford one? Seems to last well and importantly they fit well.

kazbanz, Mar 16, 9:42am
Hey Troggy. 1) just over the road from me is a custom canvas place. Next to the takeaway and opposite Balyntines. Otherwise there's Allwest Canvas down Railside ave. if you want to "winter" the bike -ie no riding there is a gap in a garage where race motorcycles used to sit. You would be welcome to leave your bike there

intrade, Mar 16, 10:29am
ok unless you use it as dust cover forget it. they all are infirior.
i have had cheap car covers and my mate had or has the expensive one and he needs a alcatheene plastic first befor the cover on top to make any use of it.
SO build a shed and put it inside way less problematic.

desmodave, Mar 16, 2:08pm
Won't mum let you keep it inside . Back in the days of 21.5% interest rates having my Darmah in the lounge annoyed my father that much he paid for the garage foundation .I came up with the rest and together we built a 6x6 concrete block garage .

gpg58, Mar 16, 2:39pm
For my 15hp mulcher shredder, i got the largest size heavy BBQ cover from bunnings, wonder if such may work for you too.

length 1730mm
Height 1160mm
width 720mm

lakeview3, Mar 16, 2:41pm
that’s a clever idea!

autumnwinds, Mar 16, 2:46pm
A BBQ cover for a hooded BBQ makes an excellent cover for a mobility scooter, too

oh_hunnihunni, Mar 16, 4:02pm
I use a Warehouse bbq cover for my scooter stored under the deck. It has been in place for several pretty decent weather events and the scoot has stayed dry and clean. Quite a heavy duty cover, doesn't blow in the wind. Very happy with my $50 purchase!

trogedon, Mar 17, 8:49am
Ha! Having a Ducati in the lounge would be a fast way of ruining the carpet. I have a friend who rebuilds his motorbikes in his house. He's single.

richynuts, Mar 17, 9:33am
I just bought a bike that had been under a.tarp for 15 years. it is stuffed. Only bought it as it still had rego on hold. Tarps and bikes don't mix as you get condensation.

gpg58, Mar 17, 10:32am
Some of the BBQ covers have breathers' in them, to help reduce/stop that issue(like the bunnings one above)

intrade, Mar 17, 10:47am
question is how long do bbq cover last and do they prevent rott of a bbq. to make it a potential contender.

gpg58, Sep 2, 3:10am
Only had mine on chipper shredder for 9 months, but so far its looking good and never damp when cover removed(does get some sun though). I think it should last 3-5 years at least.

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