FG Falcon Trans

v8_mopar, Apr 5, 6:41am
Will the FG 6 speed fit/work in the FG 5 speed column shift.

Am I better off getting my auto re built or replacing with second hand.

My box works as it should most of the time but if you corner left to fast it slips or if you give it donkey bums it doesn't know when to change gear and when it does it slips then clonks into gear. Its been getting worse over the last 60000ks.

intrade, Apr 5, 9:28am
well if you have a trusted rebuilder who dont cuts corners and you want to keep it for the next 10 years probably best to rebuild it then.

realtrader1, Apr 5, 9:58am
Is the trans fluid at the correct level? Sounds like it might not be. Find out the factory way to check the level. Over the last 60 000kms? That is a long time. Even if 6000km that is too long to wait. You get onto these problems as soon as they develop. That said, the 5 speed, from what I know, is not a good trans. But start with the trans fluid.

franc123, Apr 5, 10:34am
So through this 60000km of abuse you've never serviced it? If you suspected it was malfunctioning it should have been attended to a long time ago. Unless it comes with a robust warranty, used transmissions are a lottery. I would doubt a 6 speed conversion is straightforward even if its possible, you're only replacing an average trans with an equally average trans that's been proven to be pretty cheesy and lightweight and not really up to "Falcon duty" despite how much some people rave about it.

v8_mopar, Apr 5, 11:53am
franc123 wrote:
So through this 60000km of abuse you've never serviced it? /quote]

Well no but it was serviced at 100,000ks and then slipped at 160,000 so I serviced it then and its continued for the next 60,000ks.

I don't mind having to rebuild it but thought it would be nice to have the 6 speed. You cant find pre used 5 speeds.

v8_mopar, Apr 5, 11:55am
Anyone had a big trans rebuilt lately. Would you get any change from $4000

v8_mopar, Aug 25, 7:47pm
Oil level is fine. Never leaked any

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