Getting an old motorbike back on the road.

211061ml, Apr 20, 5:34pm
G'day, I have a 1980 Suzuki DR400 which has its original number plate with a registration sticker from 1991. Can anyone enlighten me on what needs to be done to get this bike back on the road please?. Thanks.

m16d, Apr 20, 5:51pm
Go talk to VTNZ. some years ago I bought a 79 CBX1000 and put it back on the road,
[it had come out of a bike collection] had to have the original plate and proof that I owned it, and it helped a bit that the VTNZ bloke was a mate.
They create a new vin number, give you a new plate, and basically give it a wof check.
The Honda was a minter with no mods.

desmodave, Apr 20, 6:03pm

desmodave, Apr 20, 6:07pm
A brake deliration and proof of ownership , a ride vtnz after booking in, should see you back on he road . As long as the bike is up to wof standard .

sr2, Apr 20, 6:16pm
Cool old twin shocker, great project!

211061ml, Apr 20, 6:39pm
Excellent advice. Thanks Guys.

kazbanz, Apr 21, 9:33am
Besides this ^^^
Take it to Motor Clinic on Henderson Valley Road Henderson
They know the process and can save you a fair bit of hassle

tygertung, Apr 21, 9:54am
What if it is a motorbike which you got given back in say 2007 and have no receipt for?

desmodave, Apr 21, 10:36am
You could make a receipt if you know the previous owner , but you will still have to jump through some whoops
No doubt a note from the Police saying there is no record of it being stolen .NZTA should know the name of the last registered owner , how you get that i am unsure . VTNZ will probably ask you to get a form witnessed signing at your local court house . Stating you are the owner of the above Motorcycle . Just to cover their arse . I had a receipt from an auction house showing a zero balance for the Motorcycle i bought . Auction house said thats all i need , NZTA still made me get a form signed and witnessed at the court house . Seems they like to make thier own rules up . They told me i could not do my brake declaration myself as it would be a conflict of interest . I say bullshit but didn't make a fuss as needed the wof and paper work to legally put in back on the road .

kazbanz, Apr 21, 10:52am
There are two separate issues there.
The first being to establish WHY its deregistered.
if it was simply lapsed rego its a LOT easier.
If it was written off by an insurer then its a bit more of a faff.
Worse still is if the frame was a straight one imported from overseas.
Ive sold ex race bikes like that and one guy thought it could go back on the road-BIG no on that one

tygertung, Apr 21, 12:21pm
No, just lapsed.

absolute_detail, Apr 21, 12:26pm
What do you need a receipt for?

Just go to the courthouse and fill out a statutory declaration that you are the owner of the bike with chassis number xxx and have it signed by a jp.

kazbanz, Aug 19, 5:48pm
so your main thing then is to establish its not listed as "of interest'
You could make your life easier by getting a brake dec done in advance.

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