Honda Crossroad

proudmummy89, Sep 11, 5:26pm
Hi all, was wondering if anyone had any experience with these cars? We are wanting a 7 seater and were originally considering an Outlander, but I don't like the look of the rear seats in them so have been looking at Crossroads instead. Can anyone tell me about reliability, fuel consumption etc in terms someone with no experience car wise would understand? Thanks so much =)

tony9, Sep 11, 6:17pm
Which one, what year?

Early ones were rebadged LandRover Discovery. Not a problem with that, but quite a different vehicle to later ones.

proudmummy89, Sep 11, 6:35pm
Looking at about 2008 =)

vtecintegra, Sep 12, 8:43am
Do you really want a faux-SUV shaped car?

The Honda Stream is essentially the same thing but in a more practically shaped package (more like an MPV, lower but longer)

proudmummy89, Sep 12, 9:13am
Open to all suggestions for sure! At the end of the day, just wanting something reliable thats not going to cost me a fortune on petrol LOL

tamarillo, Sep 12, 9:16am
Can’t go wrong if you like look of it. Honda reliable and great engineering, with normal 5 speed box. Relative to similar upright large wagons it’s economy should be okay. Same year accords are good though this is boxier and I assume heavier. Don’t imagine last row seats are huge and it’s not full size SUV.

proudmummy89, Sep 12, 9:22am
Thanks so much for that. Do you know if parts would be an issue seeing as it's discontinued? I think I read somewhere that it's the same engine as the Honda Stream so my thinking would be that it'd be relatively easy to source if anything was to happen?

kazbanz, Sep 12, 11:03am
As a 5 seat alternative to the CRV I quite like them. The style is very much SUV. I don't rate them as a 7 seat due to lack of rear seat legroom.
Service costs wise its the same as a stream.
My pick if going for that shape vehicle would be the Mitsubishi Delica D5
Space for Africa inside and styling is very similar.
Otherwise I like the Nissan Lafesta / Mazda premacy . Its just that bit bigger than the Wish/isis/stream

proudmummy89, Sep 12, 11:57am
Thanks so much for that!

tamarillo, Sep 12, 12:18pm
Parts won’t be any harder than any other Japanese import only car. Mechanical bits will be standard Honda, body, trim and some oily bits might be different but there’s a great industry for jap import parts.

proudmummy89, Sep 12, 12:42pm
Perfect, thanks so much for all your help =)

s_nz, Nov 21, 5:19pm
I have never been in a honda crossroad, but at 4285mm long it is very short for a 7 seater (especially for a suv which is not as space efficient as a van or mpv). For comparison the current generation corolla hatchback is longer at 4,370mm).

Inspect one for yourself, but be aware the interior space is likely quite tight, and there is unlikely to be usable cargo space with the last row in use.

Luckily there is ample choice of reliable, fairly economical 7 seaters around the same (cira $9000) price point, if you are willing to move away from the SUV body shape. Should note that the Crosswind of that generation was 2wd only.

Key question is how frequently the third row seats will be used, and if you need any cargo capacity at the same time.

With regards to the outlander, the third row seat configuration before 2012 looks comically bad. Post 2012 it is more normal for the class, but costs a lot more.

The Delica D5 was mentioned above. is basically the 2nd generation outlander with a boxy body, sliding doors and a seating configuration that would make regular use of the third row acceptable. It is an 8 seater, and one of very few reasonably 8 seater van where 4wd is avaiable (allthough most are 2wd).

Competitors to the Delica would be the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Previa/Estima

Next size down is stuff like the Mazda MPV, Toyota Noah, Mazda Premacy, toyota Mark X 7 Zio, Toyota Isis, Toyota Voxy, Honda Step wagon. Nissan Lafesta.

In terms of small MPV, the Honda steam & Toyota wish are common. Being smaller and ligher than the above, they will be more economical.

If those third row seats are going to get used more than occasionally, I think you will be much happier in a MPV.

I would take a in person look at the likes a toyota wish / Honda stream, and something with medium sized with sliding doors like a Mazda Premacy or Toyota Voxy, and see what you like best, and to see if one of them will do before you consider larger, more expensive to run stuff.

Another hurdle is if you need a lot of top tether points for car seats.

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