Merc 3rd brake light

nzshooter01, Jun 20, 8:12am
Has anybody replaced there 3rd brake light with one from ebay?
from china.

nzshooter01, Jun 20, 3:54pm
The original is not working so if it was going to go limp mode it should have happened already?
The price is good, factory part is 130US so will be expensive here?

intrade, Jun 20, 6:29pm
No the canbus module if it has one in the light look for wisted pair of wires thats canbus. If the onhanglow one is no good or short then it can bring the bus down just like a trailer shorting with no trailer module . Keep in mind this is not what i claim its what could be happening. So if you keep the old one in the glovbox you can test should it be canbus .

sr2, Jun 20, 6:47pm
Before going off shore I'd check with Startech Enterprises in Wiri. They sell a lot of new and 2nd hand Merc spares, know their stuff and don't charge like a wounded bull.

nzshooter01, Jul 23, 4:19am
Thank you, will try them

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