AscotPark Hotel would get Bert Munro's motor going

gyrogearloose, Apr 22, 8:55am
This headline in the NZ Herald's travel section made me think it would be accessible for Bert to wheel his bike in and spread the parts out to rebuild the motor inside the room:

saxman99, Apr 22, 9:33am
Can’t see any issue with that, what else is a hotel room for?

marte, Aug 18, 5:51pm
His grave is only a short walk away & easy to find on the western edge of the. Cemetary, about midway nth/sth.

The Ascot is nice too. No views since Invercargill's as flat as a salt lake,
And Invercargill is easy to get about, since its mostly made in a grid fashion, 10 minutes & 2 to right angle turns will get you anywhere.

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