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blueboy64, Dec 14, 9:38am
Help needed. My son has a motorbike that need service , wof and rego. He is on beginners licence and is nervous to drive it on road without rego. Does anyone know of a place who will collect and return bike after the necessary work is done in Auckland area? Thanks in advance.

nice_lady, Dec 14, 10:22am
What sort of service ?
Usually you can get the Brand representatives, (the shop who sell that brand), to service the bike. I"m not sure if they'd come and get it tho.

budgel, Dec 14, 11:10am
It is legal for your son to ride to get his WOF in order to get his rego.
It would be best if he went over his bike himself by visually inspecting his tyres, all lights , brakes etc. and making a note of what needs doing. This will stand him in good stead for the future even if he always gets his bike serviced from the shop.

bwg11, Dec 14, 12:06pm
Just to add to budgets good advice, book a WOF before riding to the warrant shop. Most caught without WOF or rego just happen to be on their way to get one.

trogedon, Dec 14, 12:12pm
There are motorbike transporters within Auckland. Look under Services for Aaron. Bikes - motor and otherwise are ridden not driven.

kazbanz, Dec 14, 12:35pm
Give Toby from Auckland Motorcycle services a yell
he does pickup and drop off all round Auckland

martin11, Dec 14, 4:29pm
Should do the warrent before it ran out and the rego is easy then on line .

whakapapa2, Dec 14, 5:38pm
Motorcycle Doctors will do pickup and drop off for you.

skiff1, Dec 15, 9:12am
well, this is a very useful tip for the future, but unless the OPs son is a time lord, it’s unlikely to resolve the current situation.

skiff1, Dec 15, 9:15am
OP, tell your son to save a few bucks. Ring and book a WOF, and have a good check over the bike before leaving. Ride straight to the mechanic, and preferably have the rego form filled out on his person.
Most cops are generally human, and if he has some physical evidence that he is genuinely on his way to sort it out, he won’t have an issue.

alowishes, Dec 15, 11:01am

Otherwise the cop just hears the old story when they’ve stopped someone with a warrant that’s about 9 months out of date: “I’m just about to get it a warrant, it should fly through the check” etc without the person saying it having any indication that they’re actually doing that.

trogedon, Dec 15, 7:01pm
Well put. There is nothing like the joy of hindsight and having our noses rubbing in it by the self righteous.

girlgeorgina, Oct 9, 8:58pm
i would think most bike mechanics have the ability to pick up for a fee. many also service farm/quad bikes that cant be legally ridden to the shop, so have a ute for collecting.

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