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gunna-1, Nov 30, 5:54am
About 84ish, reg on hold and all the breaks are stuffed, it hasnt been on the road in nearly 20 years, i got the break lid of the resivour and one screw has snapped of in the top with a shock driver, and both the bleeding nipples have broken of the frount break calipers after trying unsuccessfully to free them up, to keep or to sell? i want close to 1000$ for it but it might be abit steep, or would it be worth more to fix it, it should sell with live reg but i want to get as much of my money back as i can, done a deal ages ago as a swap, i,me not selling it now but i will sometime in the future, it has been alterd abit and has a chrome back guard so it looks less 80s ish and sounds bloody awesome with the exhaust it has, what would it be worth on the road if it had a few hundred spent on it.

tamarillo, Nov 30, 7:52am
The modified comment scream at me. Basically it’s worth bugger all imo if it’s been modified. It’s not collectable enough to restore to original and not a classic , yet olD enough to be not very good to ride.
Best chance is someone who had one years back and wants to relive their youth but it’s not worth a lot.

gunna-1, Nov 30, 8:04am
It has a tastefull muffler on it, an oldschool a 4 into 1 and dosent have ugly modern chrome pipes on it, just a chrome guard and some aftermarket indicators on it, i,le only spend a couple of hundred on the breaks, the bike is good for 200 ks an hour, i just dont have a bike license, it look alot better than standard.

gusthe1, Nov 30, 9:18am
I would agree that its not worth a lot. The brakes sound munted and 20 years of inactivity means it may become money pit for little return. The live rego has some appeal but not at $1000
The GPZ was out in the early 80s which have more history. If its the sport it has a bit of appeal. If its the LTD with the cruiser styling and belt drive just bin it.
200km/h is a bit optimistic too

kazbanz, Nov 30, 9:29am
Im trying to get a mental image of the bike. You are calling it a KZ750 which lines up with the Kawasaki twin cylinder bike.
But you are saying 4 into 1 which suggests American spec "cruiser" 4 cylinder .

gusthe1, Nov 30, 9:33am
They came as a sport tourer and a cruiser. The GPZ 750 was the production racer version and had some motor improvements.
With the GPZ available the KZs weren't that popular

tygertung, Nov 30, 1:42pm
It is a bit heavy and has only 55hp so will never be super fast.

gunna-1, Nov 30, 2:49pm
Its a four cylinder, the frame is kz but its a gt 750, 78 horsepower, the bike has been upto 200ks flatout, the bike weighs a tone but looks awesome, i might keep it if it cant turn any cash,

strobo, Nov 30, 3:04pm
In the same boat as my younger bro ,but his bike is a honda from that era and a 750cc .He wants $1000 but I looked at it but surmised it as a parts only bike,chrome is rusted to hell including the forks!, brakes and rotors are screwed,old fuel in it from god knows when, electrics mucked with, motor by his word is mint! and rego is on hold.He is stuck with it unless he lets it go for parts/scrap money or just hold on to it and bring it up to condition for the road or track racing.If you get $1000 for yours as is .that's good money even for parts.

gunna-1, Nov 30, 3:12pm
It will scrub up well, the seat is mint and i,me going to respray the top of the tank, the chrome isnt bad, i,me half pie thinking about getting a licence, but i have to start with a smaller bike, one cylinder was heating up but it had a tight valve so i ground the shims, havent tried starting it yet, i cleaned and bored the carb jets out slightly but it still wasnt running great wich i put down to tight valves, i had to grind a few of the shims.

tygertung, Nov 30, 3:18pm
https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/kawasaki/kawasaki_gt750.htm https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/kawasaki/kawasaki_z750%2076.htm

So is it a KZ750 or a GT750? GT750 is shaft drive so I can't see it easily fitting into a KZ750 frame.

strobo, Nov 30, 3:36pm
What's the engine number ?

kazbanz, Nov 30, 4:29pm
SOO-- there's 4 possible options
1) its a custom cruiser so rounded shape tank no tailpiece just a chrome fender and really stepped seat
2) half fairing on the front sporty looking
3) fairly square tank chain drive
4) same square tank shaft drive Built in rear rack.
Depending on where in the world the bikes went they could have been called KZ,Z/gpz or gt 750

gunna-1, Nov 30, 5:08pm
I might have it wrong its a shaft drive, sub moddle p3, engine and chassis come back as a kz imported from japan.

kazbanz, Nov 30, 7:10pm
Nah Got it--the GT750 from 84 usually silver talk--ugly as sin built in rack on the back ---when removed the ass looks almost cruiserish called Z750 p or kz750p or just GT750 depending on country.
Comfortable mile eater and yea at a push it would go other side of 200. But it got buried by the GTR1000 or the XJ900

tamarillo, Nov 30, 7:50pm
So worth bugger all.

gusthe1, Nov 30, 7:59pm
Never will get close to 200. Not even with a push downhill and in a tailwind

apollo11, Nov 30, 9:21pm
I dunno, we got close to that in an old VW beetle going down Ngauranga gorge - with a tailwind. Bloody terrifying.

kazbanz, Dec 1, 11:21am
Have you ridden one?
Ive owned a couple of them.
First one came with the "factory" GPZ 750 front fairing.(bikini) Back and front shocks were unlinked.-Individual inflators.
I know the rated top speed is 187 km/h but I figure that was the factory/naked version
Back straight of Pukie 1/4 tank of gas laying on the tank behind the "fairing" I saw 200 on the clock about 150m past the "kink" -Might have been really optimistic speedo its really memorable because my visor wasn't down properly on my lid and when I sat up it flipped open nigh on took my head off. but I was racing RZ250's in 250 proddy at the time and wrote it as a note in my log book.
Reality though is that the GT was a comfortable tourer sitting all day at about 120 2 up.
Re the brakes.I don't reckon they were anything special so a complete set off any of the 4 cylinder 750 kwakas of the era would slide on. dual piston fronts and single piston rears.Front master is pretty much generic. Z750 or early gpz 750.Truth is though that its a thousand dollars at best as a ridable bike. As much as 2k for a clean one with rego/wof.

gusthe1, Dec 1, 12:02pm
Cool story but Nah!

skull, Dec 1, 12:52pm
Says the voice of experience

tygertung, Dec 1, 1:59pm
Fix it and ride it.

kazbanz, Dec 1, 3:35pm
So you have determined I'm lying then?
I guess knowing I would be having this conversation 35 or so years after the fact I wrote in my logbook about riding the GT 750.
Nowadays I can't predict whats gonna happen tomorrow.

gunna-1, Dec 2, 1:45pm
Found out some more info about it, it was imported from brittian and is a brittish / us version according to the manual, it has no fearing on the frount and didnt come out with it, but had an ugly back tail light and mudguard, wich has been fixed, it reached 200 ks on a long straight road with a slight downward slope and a tail wind, it sat at about 180 and slowly climbed up to 200 at full tit for about 10 minuits, aparently the top lobs on the cam can wear out and go flat so i will take another look at the motor, and might get a cam grind on a better cam to make it go better, the model apparently handles good for a bike of its era, so i think i,le be keeping it for now, if i end up pulling the whole top end down i might bump the compressions on the head up aswell, it came with a gasket set, the carbs were realy gunked up so i might fetch some other carbs for it, or some sutable ones of another machine, they sound like comlicated carbs and it hates starting with the choke, it allso leans out and revs like piss on the choke wich is bad for the motor but they all do it apparently, i wonder if some carbs of another moddle bike would suit it, if i could make them fit.

gunna-1, Dec 2, 3:03pm
It has a square front headlight, and a big black square motor, with square camshaft covers, i think it was a gt 750 but the letters are missing on the side covers, the reg comes back as a kz, i think of a suzuki waterbus everytime i use gt 750, but thats what its likely known as, a kawasaki gt 750 the frame and engine both start with the letters kz.

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