AC motor, burnt out capacitor?

muzz67, Jun 4, 8:39am
Not really motoring but here goes.
Solar hot water circulating pump started smelling bad, pulled it apart and found capacitor has burnt out. End is distorted and reeks of burnt plastic.
Ok to replace, or is there likely a bigger issue? Cheers.

nice_lady, Jun 4, 9:06am
Capicators are generally very cheap. And they can indeed die, (in past times in particular some computer manufacturers had 'run's of bad capacitors) . Replace it and see what happens.

Also Google that make/model of pump for known issues.

intrade, Jun 4, 9:22am
The capacitor is a starting capacitor. if it was left to long, the motor winding could also be shorted. Also that same problem of winding shorts is also what kills a electric motor in a car for other reason but same outcome= replace car and or your pump if It's got that melt.

tygertung, Jun 4, 9:44am
Often you can replace them and the motor is still fine, as long as the motor has not been in the stalled position for too long, otherwise the windings draw too much current and burn out.

intrade, Jul 30, 7:43pm
gee you can still get the exact pump i once had it seems that i got for like 80 bux 20 years ago lasted 10 years or so The rubber hose in tank failed first.

now i know where i got that bar meter with needle from. i used that to measure oil pressure on a t4 vw lol and now its smashed up on my aluminium oxigen-tank conversion R.i.p all tip pump parts

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