Recommend this for the Motor Tech people.

poppy62, Jul 16, 2:55pm
Just when you wonder what's next in engines along comes the next chapter. Good watch, I don't normally watch anything right through but this was real interesting.

strobo, Jul 16, 4:11pm
Nice in theory ,but wonder what happens when the power torque drive reverses direction back up the drive line towards the over squared engine! and only 3 cylinders at that ! Looks expensive as heck to manufacture using high stress parts .N o mention of compensating for reverse directional torque flow ie when torque changes direction, such as during a vehicle acceleration or deceleration or where final drive line ratios used are lower or for that matter higher !Just i see they are using a clutch system in the drive outputs and a hydra coupling in the drive line so I guess the flow will come uncoupled if torque is too high. I think the idea of "free valve engine " is great .but trying to revolutionize other components in their whole concept could be the downfall.Looks to me like high maintenance.Time will tell how that one pans out .

poppy62, Jul 16, 4:25pm
It's in production, in the Gemera: so nothing Concept about it. This will give you the info:

strobo, Jul 16, 4:35pm
Thanks will look at that but like I said love to see how it pans out ,trying to make sense from a few things.

strobo, Jul 16, 4:52pm
The pessimist I am reminds me of the old crf450r dirt bike of having to replace piston/ rings regularly.That expensive Gemera looks like it wont make 100.000kms

poppy62, Jul 16, 5:04pm
As you well know, Super cars don't have to make Kms. They're there to make $$$$, and for the Ugly guys to pick up Otherwise un-gettable glamour pusses. Having said all that there are lots of Supercars that have 300,000KMs (200,000 +Mls ) on the clock.

intrade, Dec 23, 9:54am
that guy is in the same catagory as eric the car guy. or slight worse as i never subscribed to this guy but i had once to eric the car guy.
your better off watchin comedian cadogan at least he is 70% right and a comedian for entertainment

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