Trojan pushbike motor.

yz490, May 13, 2:31pm
What do you think this would fetch. Suppose dollar reserve would be the way to go but not brave enough. Should get A into G & rebuild it. Non runner although turns over tightly.

desmodave, May 13, 3:06pm
Get brave , i reckon ya would be surprised at the interest . Right location hang it or mount it on the wall . Art , and the only1 in the street .

onl_148, May 13, 3:25pm
Looks like it is similar to the "SOLEX" bike the bloke down the road had when I was young, except that one had the motor over the front wheel. you started off pedalling the bike in the normal way, until you got a head of stream up and then you, via a lever attached to the motor, you lowered the whole thing down until the motors "drive wheel" was resting on the now rotating front wheel. this got the motor turning over, driving the magneto and generating a spark. the motor started and away you went. not too sure about speed control / clutch and brakes ! similar sort of magneto motor like the old "sea gall" outboard motors.
You could get a quite good speed up if it was a tail wind and down hill !

tony9, May 13, 5:48pm
Is rego on hold?

muzz67, May 14, 6:58am
I have one too, Grandfather bought it in 1953, used it for years.
They dont seem to be worth a heck of a lot,, occasionally they come up on TM and get $700-$800.

yz490, May 14, 9:09am
Thanks for the replies & thoughts. Rego not on hold unfortunately. Might sit on it for a while & get into it eventually as would love to have it running but finding 'any' parts might be a mission. UK i guess for bits. First thing is dismantle & have a look. Thanks again.

muzz67, May 14, 4:55pm
Biggest prob is the carb, which is hopeless, and the way its clamped onto a tapered inlet. Any movement or vibration and it simply falls off.
Wondered if a modern carb could be adapted to fit easily?

gsimpson, May 20, 12:39pm
Model is called a "Minimotor"
Made ~1949-52
Did a local moped rally on mine.
Cruised at 25mph and got 200mpg fuel consumption. Ran well.
The carb on it slides in to block on a parallel sleeve and clamps. Can't see how it could fall off.
I have had it for 30 years parked under a tree. Put fuel mix in it 20:1 and fired up and ran. Just had to adjust points.The mixture you can adjust while riding by rotating 'filter'

yz490, Aug 6, 7:52am
Ok, that's it, i'll get into mine shortly. The one i bought about 60 years ago was so gutless & low on comp i had to pedal help it down hill lol. So knowing everything [or very little as the case was] i got some magic stuff called plastic steel in a tube [or two tube mix not sure now] & thought raise the compression. So shaped it into the head & let it set. Had a lot more comp to the feel & went good for about length of the drive then it flaked off & got in the plug. About as stupid as when i mounted a 98 Villiers mower non clutch engine in my pushbike direct from crank to rear wheel so geared for 100mph. I could only just run fast enough for it to keep firing. Another failed kids project.

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